Thursday, March 15, 2007

5 Months Old

Israel is 5 months old today.
He is the snuggliest little kiss'im man ever. :)

He's not really doing anything new at the moment, besides possibly drooling even more profusely, which one could not previously have known was possible. He's added spit bubbles. Basically he still lays around and waves his arms and legs. He occasionally looks like he could possibly be interested in trying to turn from his back to his side or stomach, but hasn't followed through yet. He is in a few remaining 9 month clothes, but mostly 12 months, with some 18 months. It's just so funny, because some of these are clothes that I just put away from Gabe wearing them.

We feed him solids occasionally, and he does pretty good with them. He loves to jump in his Johnny Jump Up thing, and really bounces around. He doesn't do much "standing" yet either when you try to brace him on your legs...but if you lifted the weight of his torso, you may simply understand why. :) I need to weigh him - I'm sure he's around 20 pounds. He's straining the edges of his car seat - we really need to get a new one.

Sleepwise...well. Sometimes he does better than other times. Sometimes he wakes up 3 times a night, sometimes no times a night. Of course, then I wake up and stare worriedly at the ceiling, reassuring myself that he's fine. :) Whenever I get worried and go check on him, I always wake him up, so I try to restrain myself.

He continues to cry 10-15 minutes when we lay him down to sleep. Sigh. I was thinking that after a few nights he would get the hang of it and not cry anymore. The ironic thing is that now he can't really get to sleep without crying. It seems to be his new, learned "sleep association". For example, unless it is the middle of the night, nursing won't put him to sleep. Crying, and then nursing, will, or just crying. The other thing is that when he cries, he sleeps like a log. That part is really quite nice. :) I notice that especially if I have been working, I have a hard time letting him cry, and have to get him back up to nurse or cuddle.

He continues to love Gabe. When we are eating, I set his bouncer so that he can see Gabe, and that is much more helpful.

Apparently, however, there is another wee baby in the house that I didn't notice! Gabe thinks these baby things are great.

Gabe in the bouncer.

Gabe in the exersaucer.

Brotherly love.

Tub time. This is Gabe with all of his "dudes".

And now it's time for bed...

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Cottonista said...

Hey-you changed your blog name! I like it. Chubs is adorable. Toots is looking quite the little man, despite playing baby. (What is it with that? Owen does it too. He routinely reaches into Helen's crib, grabs her pacifiers and struts around the house chomping on them.) Your kids are great!