Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Singing the Hallelujah Chorus

Last night, after crying for about 15 minutes, Israel fell asleep at 10 PM, and slept until 6:00 AM. Up again at 7:30 AM, then back to sleep, then up for the day at 9 AM. He took an hour and 40 minute nap this morning, after crying for 14 minutes. Compare this to the day before, where he woke up about 5 times between 12 and 7:30, when he got up for the morning, and took naps of 45 minutes apiece. Wow wow wow. YAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! He is just as happy as ever.

This was Gabe "helping" with Israel this morning. They certainly do like each other. Israel is always interested and ready to smile when Gabe is around. He is surprising tolerant of all the aggressive bear hugs and head drums that Gabe can dole out.

This is Gabe, Tim, and Israel running around outside today. It is sunshiny and WARM!! 62 degrees. What a nice change!

I keep forgetting to mention. My husband has joined the blog world, after talking about it for long enough.

And to end. So I am basically bouncing around in self-congratulatory disbelief. I, techno-dummy, have successfully edited my html. gobbledy-gook to fix the Blogger stupidness that I have been tearing my eyebrows out over (I don't have ANY hair left on my head from my post-pregnancy hormone crash, so now I'm going for the eyebrows). What a woman I am, what a woman.... :)


Angela said...

So glad it's working for you! I never had to do that with our girls (sigh of relief . . . )

Anonymous said...

It's been great reading your blog Carrie - you put me in mind of Anne Lammotte with your writings. Your boys are so cute - can't believe how big Israel is! We've been trying to email you with our news, but I guess you haven't been getting our emails? If you wouldn't mind, try emailing us again to make sure we have your correct address. Thanks. Sylvia

Cottonista said...

I'm so glad for you! What a difference a night of sleep makes (and a day of good naps).