Thursday, March 15, 2007


Quote of the Day: "It'z a. hoppa-gwassy!" (Gabe, when Tim pointed to a picture of grasshopper and asked him what it was.)

Questions of the Day:
1. Why is it that by the time you are old enough to appreciate a nap, it is not really an option anymore due to protesting children who decidedly disagree with the concept as a whole?
2. Why don't I live in a siesta country?


heidirhodes said...

how do they know the days we need naps the most? i am so exhausted lately from the random sleeping patterns of my 4 month old and the strike of naps from my 2 year old. when is a person supposed to get some sleep? i was just reading thru some of your back pages. isnt life with 2 small kids crazy? i love my children dearly but sometimes i wonder what was i thinking thinking that i could handle 2 under 2. im crazy. but i know it will all pass and they will be grownup before i know it. doesnt make some days easier tho. it sounds like your life is pretty hectic as well. hope your having a good week,and that this time change didnt throw your kids off like it did mine. take care. ~heidi

Carrie said...

I could not have said it better. I'm pretty sure that you are describing my life, time change havoc and all. Phew. Gabe is on nap strikes, too, and it is just WEARING on you. Like, you can kind of use a break from them during nap time in order to feel refreshed to deal with them, and then when there isn't any napping, you feel worn thin. I just would never have realized life with small kids could be such constant doing, going, getting, feeding...and no sleeping. :)