Friday, June 15, 2007

8 Months

  • Not a whole lot different from 7 months, truthfully!

  • Added "Ba-ba-ba-ba" to his repetoire.

  • Can sit for a brief time, unaided, but you really have to watch him, because he'll throw himself back, forward, or to the side with no warning.
  • Rocks on hands and knees

  • Still mostly breastfed

  • 23.8 pounds (with his diaper on), 29 inches

  • Stands for a bit when you hold his hands, and really enjoys it

  • Starting to vocally INSIST that he needs "real" food too when everybody else is eating around him. He does very well with ground up food, and likes the Lil' Graduates Fingerfood snacks, and plays with them when they are on his tray, but doesn't put them in his mouth yet.

  • Sucks his forefinger when he is sleepy

  • Really likes to be held because he likes to see what is going on

  • Still has just 2 teeth

  • Such an endearing, cheerful personality, who is so ready to smile

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