Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's been so nice and warm out. We've been spending so much time outside. Here's my buddy boys today.

This evening I took Gabe and Israel to the library where they were having a petting zoo. Gabe liked that very much, although he was a bit consternated by the squawking cockatoo.

I love this picture. Gabe likes to get in the stroller basket. Two boys in one stroller.


Today I was talking to Mom on the phone and telling her that we got a babysitter so that we can go out for our first date since Israel was born on Saturday night. "That sounds like fun!" she said. "What else are you planning to do for your anniversary." There was a pause where I blinked in confusion. "Anniversary? What anniversar-ohhhhh!!!!!" Saturday is our sixth anniversary. Completely forgot. Worked out quite well, though! :) I'm glad there is someone around to help me remember these things! :)


Cottonista said...

Gee, Carrie, you sound so hopelessly romantic. To tell the truth, one year we both forgot our anniversary too.

Cottonista said...

Hey, how's the bunny? I just showed Owen the pictures of your rabbit, and he's VERRRRY interested.