Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When "If Only"'s Come to Sweet, Sweet Fruitition

The past while, a frequent, wistful daydream of mine involves a quiet, dimly lit room, a soft bed with comfy covers, an empty, silent house, and the soothing whir of a fan. And the freedom to close my eyes and sleep as long as I want, with no one wanting me to do ANYTHING. This morning as the phone woke me up from a deep, heavy sleep with a recorded message for some travel nurse agency (why oh why do they persist in calling me, for like 2 years!!!), which woke the baby up, which woke Gabe up...and the day was begun, I lay with my eyes closed, picturing a quiet, whirring room where nobody needed me, and I could just turn over and go back to sleep.

Instead, today Israel took 30 minute naps, and I dragged myself around feeling so exhausted, when - lo and behold it was 3 PM, and Gabe went to his room and lay down and fell asleep all on his own. And then Israel was rubbing his eyes, and was down by 3:30 PM, and so I slunk into my little couch bed that I hadn't the heart to put away this morning, and after making myself close my book, laying and listening to the screen door creak and groan and finally dragging myself up to close it, and then nursing Israel back to sleep, I slept like a heavily drugged rock from 4:30 to 6:30, when Gabe Son began meowing and moaning for "milk! MILK!!! MIIIIILLLK!!!" (This child is fast on his way to learning that things don't always come when you yell loud and demand it.) So anyways. That was certainly my blessing of the day!! And I woke up feeling GREAT!!! And it's 11:41 PM, and I feel GREAT!!! :) And WIDE AWAKE!!! Coffee, anyone?!


Gabe loves getting hold of the Tim's tube of Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy and slathering it on his own supposedly parched little baby mouth. Today he was hauling it around importantly, and I noticed that he was on the ground, trying to catch Chloe, saying "C'oe! Do you need some'tin for your lips, Co'e?"

"Gabe", I said, hiding a smile. "Chloe's OK. She doesn't need things on her lips."

He looked at me wide-eyed, and said with great surprise - "She doesn't?"

Aways looking out for the Jack Russell lip hydration status. That's my boy.


heidirhodes said...

hey carrie i have that same daydream. i think i could sleep for weeks if everyone would just let me. i to enjoy my afternoon naps when i can get them in. snuggled on the couch with the fan cooling my exhausted body. i laughed out loud when i read about gabe trying put chapstick on the dog. to funny. congratulations on 6 years together. anthony and i just reached 5. in some ways it seems like it hasnt been that long but then in others it seems like weve been together forever. well hope your summer is going well. have a great week. ~heidi

Angela said...

My "If only" that came to fruition today was both girls napping at the same time so I could catch up on e-mail (and leave you a comment). And now, off to that treadmill . . .

Cottonista said...

I just have to say that on Monday when I was babysitting for triplets and their big brother, all six children took a nap at the same time. .....and, I just want to say I got an 8-hour nap...and I have 3 couch beds...and um, a travel nursing company has been calling me for like um 20 years...and my kids eat uhh..10 jars of Vaseline for breakfast and...they brush the cat's teeth for them 30 times a day....

Carrie said...

Heidi - I know what you mean, and the "together forever" is a good thing - congratulations on five! It was a hot hot day the day you guys got married! Phew!

Angela - Ooo, the treadmill. More than I'm doing. As you can tell, I wasn't quite so energetic! :)

Joycie - I can see you need a good kickin'.