Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Events of today.

Got up at 3:05AM to feed crying baby. Slunk exhausted body back into blessed bed. Furrowed brow with closed eyes as baby reawoke. Got up at 3:12 to feed the crying baby. Dozed over nursing child. Creaked noisily back to bed…laid down…got up at 3:24 to feed the crying baby. Right eye beginning to develop a nervous twitch. Realized one eye has remained shut this entire time retaining the feeling of half-sleep. Clicked the doorknob on the way out the door…got up at 3:30 to feed the crying baby. Baby finally asleep. Hugging pillow fondly to self when raise eyes to see tow-headed young child sleepily padding from his room after all the baby crying woke him up. Back up to get milk for said dear one. It is now 3:40AM. And down once more. Up again at 5:45. Alarm sounds at 5:55 AM. Time to go to work. Is this sick or what?

While I was slavering away on the old work horse, our toilet geysered heights of pure, clean, fragrant toilet water onto our ceiling and throughout the bathroom as sewer workers opened the clogged sewer line between our house and the neighbors. Yummy.


APPARENTLY, having a “sand-pool” on our carport is the equivalent of pouring continuous little trails of sand in our home, particularly since one of Gabe’s favorite activities is dumping sand outside the sandbox onto the concrete, which is immediately tracked inside. For some reason, I never even thought about this. I do not like this new development, and must contemplate on how to manage this.


Israel is still a happy little munchkin. He has been sucking his first and second fingers when he is tired or going to sleep. It’s so cute I have to make sure I get a picture. At night when I’m feeding him he can scarcely nurse what for ogling the lights on the fan/heater that is on the floor in his room. What a doof. Eat eat eat – and then his head whips around and he stares and stares at the light, head bobbing sleepily, and then he utters a sigh and goes back for a few more swallows – and then his groggy attention goes back to the light.

Gabe is growing and sick at the same time. Cough and lethargy. I can’t believe how tall he is getting. Next he’s going to be eight. We just realized that the daughter of one of our friends around here, who was two (Gabe’s age) when we first got to know them, is now EIGHT. What in the world. That was such a short time ago! Next I’m going to be 47 and my kids are going to be all grown up!!!! Ok, I’m not quite ready to think about this. Moving on.


Is thriving, fat, and feisty. Is drinking his milk out of a peanut butter lid and gulping down the clover. He lets me rearrange things in his cage while I am fixing his food and water and formula, not seeming to mind as my hand almost grazes him, but hops and jumps indignantly all over his cage if I extend a solitary finger and try to pet him. I am growing quite attached to my bunny child. Chloe, on the other hand, does not for the life of her understand why we are now keeping moist little tender tidbits of hopping, skittering snack foods in cages on the freezer. And out of her reach! The injustice!


Anonymous said...

Babies sucking their fingers are so cute! Liza sucks her two middle fingers and covers her mouth with her opposite hand facing out? (Sounds confusing).
Put the sandbox in the grass with a tarp cover or something?? It seems like if you had some grass between the box and the house, at least some would rub off! I hate sandboxes for this very reason!! We have way too many of those horrible red fire ants to do sand anyway. Anyway, love you! Have a good day, Candice

Angela said...

I'm not particularly fond of sandboxes either (we have the turtle variety!) I just keep a shop towel in the garage and Julia will brush herself down with it or I will. It at least takes off one layer!

Cottonista said...

Carrie, you just make me laugh every time. You should post every day. The toilet geyser sounds like something that would happen to us.

Anonymous said...

Just talking about you to my roommate minutes ago - slaving away at the hospital and then coming back to feeding and caring for more people at night. I told her you're my hero.:)