Sunday, July 15, 2007

9 Months!

(photo courtesy of Lynette Polinder) :)

*Is crawling!!! :) YAY!!! (He started the day after we got back from IN, at 8 months, 3 weeks and 4 days)

*Has 4 teeth. The top ones are still coming down, but are through the gums and have a cute little space in between them. I wonder if they’ll work themselves closer together.

*Sits very well. Every once in a while he’ll forget and bang his head on the floor and that is all very sad for a while… :)
*Usually wakes up once a night around 5 or 6 or not at all.

*For some horribly frustrating reason, he has often been refusing to take a second nap recently even though he is cranky as all get out. Drives Mommy up the wall.

*He is very responsive and smiley. He will imitate some movements or noises, all to his great delight.

*Eats solids very well.

*23.5 lbs 30 inches

*Stands when you hold his hands, but standing still mostly consists of swaying around on his tiptoes.
*Thinks Mama is ALL THAT. He has Mama-honing senses and will just watch me and watch me with intensity and arm-flapping joy. He is more of a Mama's baby than Gabe was, but usually goes happily to other people too. He just will sometimes get a little fussy then when I come into his visual field.

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