Friday, July 20, 2007


New recent voracious passions of mine include:
1. McDonald’s Sweet Tea for $1. Oh. My. “Hi. My name is Carrie and I am an addict.” “Hello, Carrie.” When we were driving back from IN, I was in all sorts of a tizzy, because the Mc’y Dee’s both there and in OH don’t offer it. Must be a Dixie Line thing. Tim thinks I have a certifiable problem.

2. Jergen’s Natural Glow. If next time you see me I am not fluorescently blue, you know who to thank. If I am instead orange, please break the news gently. Tim does not appreciate my new shades of tan. He informs me he can’t really see anything different. I rest securely in the knowledge that he is wrong, and continue to glow serenely and with great satisfaction.

* * * * * * * *

Yesterday I left the house around 6:30 AM for work, and returned around 12:30 AM the next morning. 16 hours, baby. Yeahhhhh… My hair was fuzzy by the end of the night, along with my brain.

* * * * * * * *

Gabe is drumming loudly on the side of the couch with all sorts of “DEET DEET DEET DEET DOT DOT DOT DOT BISH!!!!!!!!!!”.

“Gabe, you need to be quiet – the baby is sleeping. Don’t drum so loud – you drum quietly.”

“No – no no no no you s’op (stop) dat!!!” (pouty scowl)

Stern gazes from the Mama. “Gabriel, you do not tell Mommy to ‘stop that’. If you tell Mommy to ‘stop that’, you will need to go sit on the chair.” Continued stern gazes.

“No no no you do not do dat, ok (waffles a bit) – I am twying to dwum, ok?”

“You may drum, but you need to drum quietly.”

Mommy goes on her merry way, and Gabe is some decibels quieter.

Man. We have entered the new arena of “You S’OP dat!!!”, and trying to desassify the Sassy Pants that is trying on some new sassy shoes. Trying to teach him how he can have opinions, but they need to be expressed nicely. Learning “please” is a big one. He’s usually pretty good at saying ‘Thank you’, or, in Gabe dialect “”Cank you!!! Oh, cank you Mommy!!” :) He’s also pretty good at saying he is “soh-wy” (sorry). “Peas” needs some work though. “I want dat!!!! No no no you gif me dat!!!” accompanied by distressed wailing and sadness will not do. Sigh. Wow. That kind of stuff is honestly a lot of consistent WORK! It truly fits the category of “training” and “discipline”, and it’s always hard to know QUITE if the way I’m addressing it is the very best way or wondering if there is something I should be doing differently. Parenting seems to involve a lot of “doing the best you know” – and hoping it works. :)

Gabriel has also just recently hit the phase of “No no you gimmee dat, Baby Isw’l, dat’s MINE!!!!” Example: Gabe is playing happily in another room on the other side of the house and four rooms away, Baby Israel leans over and starts playing with Gabe’s cement truck. Gabe’s possessive ownership radar emits a piercing shriek and Gabe hurtles through the house to rescue his estranged truck, snatching it away from chubby hands and knocking Baby Brother over in the process, accompanied by loud declarations of entirely unshared ownership and the necessity of a hands-off existence by those 9 month and younger. Sharing. Yet another fun lesson we are learning. It’s sort of interesting to see him hit these developmental things, because until just a few weeks ago, he was fine sharing.

Just two mornings ago he woke up and had hit one of those new verbal peaks that you can sort of tell immediately. He suddenly had a bunch of new words to chatter away with.

A few weeks ago, he decided for the first time that it was his turn to pray and tell a story and sing a song. So he prayed while I strained to hear – it was all very quiet and mumbling and contained some “God-b’esses”, and then he told me a story that went like this: “Once there was a little boy named Gabe (that’s how I start my stories with him) and one day he said ‘Mommy, let’s go to school today!’, and Mommy said ‘Yeah! That’s a great idea!’ So he and Mommy got in the car and Gabriel had his pens and his markers…(there were a few more things that I forget)…and then they went back home and Gabe went to sleep.” (That’s how I end all my stories too) It was so cute. I had never told him a story about going to school - he came up with it out of his own head. Then he sang me a C’oe song. Every night he asks for a song about Chloe or Baby Israel or some random item, and we just make up words and the melody on the spot and my songs are the coolest ever as in not at all. Then he told me a “butterf'y story”, which is what Tim does with him, where he links his thumbs and makes his hands wave like a butterfly that he calls Charlie, and goes and gets Gabe’s pacifiers when Gabe makes a paci-sucking noise. It is great fun. So Gabe waggled his hands around and told me about Charlie the butterfly and made paci-sucking noises and flew around and grabbed his paci’s. It was so precious. I sure do love my boys.

Quotable quote of late: "Mommy, can you t'un (turn) on da suns'ine (sunshine) and t'un off da wain (rain)?"

Mommy's favorite Gabe words: "I'm skuk!!" (I'm stuck!!) :) "I godda badoon!" (I gotta balloon!)


heidirhodes said...

hey carrie i feel like we are living in the same world. love love love mcdonalds sweet tea. we were driving down the interstate yesterday and anthony "forgot" as he went flying past 3 different exits with mcds and finally i said that is enough you better be stopping at the next one and he knew what was good for him so he did. = ) love the natural glow to but am not very even at getting it put on so anthony kinda gave it a thumbs down as well. also the sharing and being all the way on the other side of the house and senseing when alexis touches one of his things, thats were blake is at to. last sunday they had a tug of war in church over a backhoe which blake promptly won altho alexis sure did give it her all and then she proceeded to scream and cry so loud i had to take her out and calm her down because everyone craned their necks backward to see if i had dropped her or something. its so fun to read your posts because i understand exactly what your talking about on a lot of things. i know what you mean about the parenting to. its so hard to know if you are doing everything right or the best way. im sure your doing great tho. your kids sound sweet. anyway love reading your posts they always make me laugh. hae a great week. Heidi

joy said...

Hi Carrie, wanted to let you know I was stopping by and visiting your site. Loved reading about your kids -- sounds like a busy house. :) Love tanning lotion's the only way to not blind people with my legs. Do have to be careful about the nuclear orange though... :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie! Joyce introduced me to your blog. . .honey I feel your pain in this post :). Blake is 2 1\2 and Brian is almost 6 mo. Blake doesn't have his little brother getting into his toys (yet), but having to share his toys with other kids can bring out the whiner in him. . . throw a little potty training in the mix and you have the makings of a seriously "ill" (as they say in the south) child. I am potty training him and had 5 extra kids at my house for awhile. . .not a good idea :). Sometimes he will share great and then the next time the selfish monster comes to life. . oh well, I guess thats life with a 2 yr old!! Your posts are quite humerous. . its great to catch up on your life!! Janice (oh, way to go on the 16hr shift. . haven't pulled one of those in a LONG time. .makes me tired just thinking about it:)

Carrie said...

Heidi - did you try the Jergen's for fair skin? I think if I used anything darker it might look blotchy. But I might be fairer than you, too. It's nice to know other people are going through the same stages. :) I had to laugh out loud at the backhoe struggle.

Joy - Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! I had to go check on your little one too - she is such a cutie-patootie!! I hope you are getting some sleep - those first 3 months especially are such a blur.

Janice - HI!! Long time no see-ee. Sounds like our kids are about exactly the same difference in ages. How's the potty training going? I have been so sporadic with Gabe - like, one day, I'm ON it, and then the next day I work and Tim doesn't remember, and then I forget the following day until mid-afternoon when I'm sitting tiredly on the couch. Sigh. Are you still working, or are you staying home? Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie, sorry for some reason your message didn't come through. I always enjoy reading your posts! It was nice seeing you at the Heatwole reunion! Have a great week!! ~ LaVonne

Cottonista said...

Hey Carrie. How would Jergens Natural Glow do on the HUGE sucker of a bruise I put on my calf from nearly wiping out in the shower? My leg attempted to merge with the tub faucet. But somehow I heroically managed to avoid clawing at the shower curtain, ripping it and tumbling ungracefully out of the shower. So maybe a sun-challenged tan would be a good answer?

And I can identify with the toy police. Does Gabe go into hysterics if Israel accidentally touches him?