Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip, Anyone??

Ahhhh...the joys of traveling with an 8 month old. :)

We journeyed up to Claypool, IN over the 4th of July weekend for a Yoder reunion. That is Tim's family on his mom's side. We had a very good time (aside from the baby in a carseat part) :). Here are pictures of our good time. The first eight pictures were taken by my beloved sister-in-law, Lynette, who has a great eye for photography!

Aunt Kathy and grandson Isaiah.

Aunt Lynette showers some kisses on Israel. (Can you blame her? Is that kid kissable or what? :))
Gabe cackles merrily from his tricycle.

Great Grandma Polly and her great grandson Israel.

Grandma Carol and Gabe set off for a bike ride.

Norm drinks from a cup. :) What can I say. It was a picture, it needed a title. Man, you guys are picky...

The Trina and Kylie beauties.

Oh look! The kid's getting kissed again. What did I tell you?

This was Gabe with his new friend and second cousin, Brennan Beachy. They had a great time playing together.

Israel and Ava Schrock do a little collective learning.

Baby Israel "helps" Aunt Lynette with her camera.

Gabe just LOVED this little playhouse.

Israel fell asleep like this on the way back home.

Gabe lounging comfortably in his carseat, blessedly, oh so blessedly able to amuse himself.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie- missed you! I'll be looking for you on Messenger. Great pictures! Love you, Candice

Cottonista said...

Great pictures, Carrie! Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Israel! I am glad you had a nice time. Hey, I 'll try to call you before I go on Sunday! Not packed yet......emily

Angela said...

Ah yes, children old enough to entertain themselves are a VERY beautiful thing, indeed. Someday, perhaps, I shall return to my place in the passenger's seat on trips, until then, it's in the back by the baby (have a snack, here's a toy, let's look at a book, . . . what? did you say something up there, honey??)