Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So. It’s like this. Apparently I have a large invisible sign on my body that says “Viruses Wanted. Please attack here.” I think I have had about 3 fever sicknesses since Israel was born. That’s a lot!! Saturday I was in bed all day long, with nausea, dizziness, absolutely zero energy, a fever of probably 101 to 102, and hip joints that ached so bad. Just how I wanted to spend my weekend. Thankfully it was almost completely gone by Sunday. Tim was mega-Daddy and took care of the boys a second day (I had worked the day before) for the entire day, breakfast to bed.

Israel is irrepressibly, irresistibly cheerful. He is such a sweetheart. You cannot help but love him. He has started to crawl backwards a little bit. His hair is starting to curl in the back and over his ears. He loves to play with Tim’s guitar.

Ok, so he's not so cheerful in this picture, but I liked his little camo outfit. :)

This was a silly squirm from the other day.

Sucking his finger in his sleep. He often puts himself to sleep that way.

Gabe is getting so big. He is also testing my patience. The other day after he got placed in the timeout chair for throwing a large temper tantrum on the kitchen rug when he was told he couldn’t go outside, he was wailing his little head off, when Israel started fussing loudly about something. Gabe cut off mid-wail to angrily chide Israel “Baby Is’wl, you stop c’ying!! Itz MY tuwn to c’y!!” :)

This was Gabe "helping" the other evening as I was sorting through baby clothes. What a goof.


Anonymous said...

Gabe is getting to be comedy central!

Anonymous said...

what cute youngin's you have carrie! sounds like they both have quite the little personalities - loved gabe's "chide" to Israel!

heidirhodes said...

what cute pictures. i loved the one of israel sleeping. he looks like he has a ton of hair. sorry about the viruses. hopefully they will stay away and you can enjoy the rest of the summer relatively germfree. =) hope you have a great week. ~heidi

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! Great pictures! LaVonne

Carrie said...

Emily - yes, he is a sugarpie! :)

Sylvia - Hey!! Thanks, I think they're cute too. Not that I'm biased or anything. I love to swing by and check on your little adorable son, too. It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun with him. I wish we lived closer!

Heidi - slathering on the antibacterial gel as we speak. :) Ok, just kidding.

LaVonne - thanks! :)