Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bicep Alert

Today Tim informed me, with surprise in his voice, that I had visible biceps. I then asked him where, exactly, he has been the last four months. Of course I have biceps. And triceps. And rippling forearm muscles. I am a sheer hoss. Unfortunately, all of these things seem to elude the curious eye in the above picture, but...I'm just letting you know they are there.

My buddies.

Gabe has a current new game that is sort of like the "Why?" game that he's not quite old enough for. It's called "Whazzat?"

"It's a cup, Gabe."
"It's another cup, Gabe."
"It's a window, Gabe."
Ad infinitum.

Gabe has another game that he thoroughly enjoys called "Like A Baby". That's where he gets to do all the "fun" stuff that the baby gets to do. Like rock and cuddle and get raspberries on his tummy, and lay on his back to get his bath. He holds really still for all of this stuff, with a sort of wonderous smile on his face, just experiencing it. This is a picture of him getting tickle kisses to the neck like the baby beside him was getting.

He also thinks that he should probably be able to "feed" (nurse) like the baby, and doesn't seem to think the fact that baby has no teeth and can only drink milk and he has teeth and can eat big boy food is that relevant of an issue. He also, on the flip side, thinks that he should be able to feed the baby himself. He will run over and start pulling his shirt up and saying "I feed baby!" :) Again, the explanation that only mommies can feed babies is of little relevance to him.

This is said baby in his Jumping Thing. :) Note the adorable rolls of leg fat. :) His legs are so squeezy and kissable!! Anyways, he really enjoys jumping in this. He just bounces away happily.

Slice of Life For Today: Gabriel, tearing around naked as a jaybird, screeching the ABC Song, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the very TOP of his lungs and giggling wildly while Israel looks on interestedly and coos appreciatively.

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Cottonista said...

(to borrow a line from Randy Jackson) Carrie, Carrie, Carrie..yo, you are hot tonight!!!! But I think Israel is the sheer hoss. I would love to lug him around and love on him a little bit, Gabe too. They are so cute!!