Monday, February 19, 2007


Sometimes I have to wonder a mite dubiously at my intelligence quotient. For example. I constantly shake my head at how astonished I am after I spent a morning working in the kitchen, cleaning it up, after which I make lunch, wander out of the kitchen, wander back in and am absolutely stupified at how in the world it got messy again. This seems to be a lesson I have a very hard time learning. Keeping a house clean requires MAINTENANCE, and there is this little part of my brain that files my housework away under the title of "Projects", signaling to me that when I am done doing the dishes, there will be no more to do for a significant period of time. Project complete. Except 20 minutes later I all of a sudden have a new sinkful. This is most distressing. Where, exactly, am I supposed to find the energy for cleaning the kitchen up all over again right after I just cleaned it? Most people seem to have this down pat and accept this as a fact of life. I seem to be the exception to the rule.

*Today Gabriel woke up and snuggled in the covers with me, rousing himself to say sleepily but certainly "Gamma and Gandaddy comin' tommowo." Can't disappoint the Grandchild, now, folks, can we.....? :) Tonight Tim was talking to Gabriel in the bathtub, and after he would say something there would be a slight pause, and then Gabriel would nod his head knowingly and say “’Zactly. ‘Zactly.”

This is Gabriel's "football helmet" that he likes to wear when he is playing "football".

*Tim and I have moved up in housing accomodations. We have transferred from the living room floor to the pull-out couch. A little foretaste of heaven, that mattress. Like I was telling Mom, even though a large portion of the world sleeps on the ground, it remains decidedly hard and unyielding. A large portion of the world also wipes with their hand after using the bathroom, and as I have no desire to sympathetically experience that, I think I'm done with my cultural experiences for the month.

*Israel has also moved up to the crib mattress. The cradle was starting to be a bit snug. He has also been talking loudly the past two days. “AAAHHHHHH. EHHHHH.” And the whole decision to stop with the people food? Seems we have a mutiny in the troops, and so tonight he worked eagerly and insistently on some squash, and then screamed bloody murder when Mom decided he was done.

He's just starting to almost raise himself on his arms. He will tuck his arms underneath him.

Smiley the Elf

*Gabe has been singing entire verses to songs. Cute as a button. One of my personal favorites is "Chicken po, Chicken po" (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells). He is currently greatly enjoying my old Bullfrogs and Butterflies cassette tape, especially the "Sunshine" song.

*I am having a highly irritating time finding diapers that don't leak for Israel. When we ran out of our size 3 Costco diapers and transferred to the Walmart ones, the wetting through began, and has continued. Large scowl. I got some size 4 Huggies to try tonight.

*Today I got my eyes examined at Walmart, then wandered blindly through the store, driving home in a perma-squint. (I scorned the coolest-ever sunglasses they sent home with me.) He gave me gentle scoldings because I have been wearing my contacts for EXCESSIVELY longer than I am supposed to, resulting in increased blood vessels in my eyes. Paying for contacts is like paying for tires. Necessary, and so annoying, and so expensive. Just think of all the enjoyable medical bills I could pay off with that money. :) Oh, wait. They're not fun either. Why do I have to spend all my hard-earned money on such things? Where's my vacation in Hawaii, for example. Or my domestic help?

*WHOOO-HOOO!!! It finally snowed around here!


Angela said...

I'm with you on the contacts thing. I too was nicely reprimanded for stretching the life out of the poor things. Another reason I pray our children inherit Jeff's (perfect) eyesight!

Can't give any advice on leaking diapers, never found one for Elise either, except to say that once you're into solids the overflowing (usually) is contained. Whew.

Anonymous said...

For my boys Huggies Supreme is what I use, and I love them. They have elastic around the back which helps to hold them tighter.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the snow pictures!! Still summer here..........sigh. Getting sick of my summer clothes. :)

Carrie said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Huggies seem to have (mostly) done the trick, with only the occasional overflow. I noticed that Huggies look like they are the same style as the aforementioned Costco one, with the higher front, which seems to be what he needs.

Candice, are you guys going to get any snow? Or just rain? I'll think of you blissfully warm as I'm shivering my way to work :)