Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One of those days

Ok. It’s 1:45 and Gabe just went down for a nap, so I’m going to take Israel and run to town to do some shopping while Tim runs on the treadmill and then works here on job stuff…except Gabe isn’t quite asleep yet, so I will wait until he goes to sleep until I leave…and now Israel is falling asleep, so I guess I won’t go to town, but Tim can leave and go get the books that he needs at school when he is done running…but now Gabe is still awake and it is 2:40, so Tim is getting him back up and he is tearing out into the living room at full speed as I sneak past with a sleeping Israel, who I lay gently down in his cradle…and back out to the living room where I decide that Gabe and I should go downstairs to do some laundry…except the creak of the dryer door and the noise of the chair in the office where Tim is sitting wake up Israel…so back up the steps we go to get the baby up…so I decide to sweep the hardwood floor which works fine until I’m halfway done and decide that it is 3:20 and Gabe absolutely needs to go down for his nap, so back down he goes…and then it’s me and Israel again, who I vainly bounce in his bouncer for a while in an attempt to get him back to sleep, and finally decide we will go and make supper and wash up some dishes, as it is 4:00, until I am done with the dishes and Israel is not happy, so I pick him up and wonder if it would be possible to make supper while I am carrying him…I really wanted to make some ham and cheese quiche, so maybe I’ll get all the ingredients in one place and then sit him back in his bouncer so I can bounce him while I work…except I don’t have salad dressing or eggs…so no quiche tonight…now what do I make?...oh, yes, apple crisp...but I only have one apple...and now Israel is asleep and it is 4:30, so I go lay him down. Now, what was I doing?...and now it's 1/2 hour later and Israel is awake again, and Gabe is yelling across the hall...if you need me, I'll be across the way, methodically and thoughtfully pulling the remaining three hairs out of my head.


Lynette said...

I didn't feel tired before I read your blog and suddenly I feel exhausted and partially cross-eyed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Carrie, that you had a day like that. I know the feeling--it's exhausting meeting the alternating needs of two kids! Flexibility is a real gift, but sometimes you just gotta reach for the chocolate. Joyce

Carrie said...

Thanks, Lynette. I feel understood. Joyce, you've said it. What would I do without Dove's chocolate? I'm not sure I'd make it. That and the rogue cup of mint tea.