Monday, January 29, 2007

Jingle Bells in January

Today we had a realtor come over to set up the eventual sale of our house for millions of dollars. Who would have known we would have hit the jackpot of houses? What can I say? Sure is nice to be the Millers.

Our realtor was here for 4 hours. Wow. That is a long, long time to focus on the house. We were both mentally FRIED by the time he left. So tonight I’ve been literally zoning on the couch, longing for peace and quiet and all thing bubble-bathy and quietly crackling fires and riveting books to read. Instead there is Chaos himself careening around with his truck, and Chewy gumming my sweater.

Gabe put on a Christmas CD, and as I sat there staring blankly at the carpet fringe, I felt endorphins start to fire off as the tinkling bells pealed forth from my January speaker. I LUURVE Christmas. Christmas songs give me such a warm fuzzy feeling. I was lost in the land of snow drifting gently from the sky; silent, flashing red Christmas bells above the paper nativity scene at Grandma’s house; joyfully bellowing Christmas carols in the cold, cold night air as I gaze happily around at my friends bundled up around me; getting all dressed up in velvet dresses to go to see people sing at me from a large Christmas tree; sitting in Grandma’s basement staring at unopened piles of wrapped gifts, delicious anticipation swirling, waiting to see which pile is mine (ahhh, the true meaning of Christmas); lying nose to camel as I carefully arrange the colored lights in the nativity scene to see which color makes baby Jesus look the most serene; hearing the crunch crunch crunch of snow under my nifty cool insulated boots as I trudge up the sledding hill, smelling the smoke from the fire at the top… thinking how it would be sort of interesting if my toes actually fell off from the coldness resulting from the ineffective insulation in said boots… Christmas to me is the happiness of winter, friends, family, and that previously mentioned delightfully anticipatory feeling in my stomach… So I sat there on the couch, feeling that same feeling, holding my son, listening to “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and felt some of the stress ease slowly away. Holiday therapy, courtesy of Gabriel Toots. No crazy pills needed.

So, anyways, if you are interested in our house, I might give you a $900,000 discount. Now that, my friends, is a deal. What can I say? I'm just sharing the joy of Christmas!


Angela said...

What will happen after your house sells? Or is that to be determined upon Tim's grad?

Anonymous said...

Carrie- what is the deal with your house? Did you sell it and for how much???? I'm confused but I think happy for you? :) Candice

Carrie said...

Candice, :) sorry to confuse you. Our house is not actually sold for lots of money, we just put it on the market, and I hope we'll just break even. I was just kidding. :)

Ange, your question is a good question. I don't know yet. Tim is looking for a job, and if the house sells before he's done with school, we will just rent somewhere until we are ready to leave.