Saturday, January 13, 2007

Growing Boy

I think Israel is having a growth spurt. He seems to have been eating more, and he took a 4 hour nap today! I actually woke him up, because I wanted him to also sleep tonight! He is also having a drool spurt. Man, can that kid drool.

He is more alert than he used to be - he really looks at things. Yesterday he sort of fussed until I placed him so he could examine his surroundings, and he immediately quieted and checked things out, his little head bobbing around, his eyes alert and focused. He looks at pictures in books, too, when we show him them. He seems to enjoy it.

For a week or so, he has been giggling/laughing, too, when we play with him - tickling or peek-a-boo. He is such a sweetie-pie. He has been happier recently for the most part. It seems like his fussiness comes from gas when he is fussy. Or if he wants to go to sleep or eat or wants to be held. He gets his needy little fuss on in those cases. :) It's sort of cute. When he is getting ready to eat he does this little "nenhhh-nenhh-nenhh" bleat. "Need, Mommy, need."

Time to go drink some chamomille tea and eat some Twix! Good night, dears!

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