Sunday, January 07, 2007


1. Israel has the cutest little fattest little pudgiest little squeezy sausage feet with his little fat toes splayed out the end, and the thing I find the most hilarious is that they already smell like feet. I like to kiss them, feet smelling and all.

2. Gabriel is Danger Child. I tell you what, the way that boy hurls himself around, I pray that he has double-duty guardian angels on high alert. Today I almost had a heart attack, because I was changing Israel on our bed, and Gabe climbed up and had both feet on the footboard, and was just swaying in the air when I launched myself through the air and pulled him towards the bed. Today at church, he decided he wanted to get into the "baptismal trough" :) (the cattle watering thing that we use for baptisms) and simply dove in over the side onto the hard ground. Someone saw him and rushed over thinking he would be hurt, but up he bounces like a spring and off he runs. He also is inadvertently dangerous to Israel, because he loves to be next to him, but will take flying leaps that can land much too close for comfort, or decide to go into a happy kicking frenzy on the couch while I'm feeding Israel.

3. Israel is now in 6-9 month clothes. At 2 1/2 months of age. How funny is that. I am having to go and buy more 6-9 month winter clothes for him, because when Gabe was in 6-9 month clothes, it was summer. He has lost most of his baby hair, except for a tidy little mullet/rat-tail in the back. Kentucky born, and Kentucky grown, that's how we like to keep 'em.

4. Today was my 29th birthday. To celebrate, I had Walmart Teriyaki Stirfry Chicken for lunch. From a bag. It For supper I cleaned some random items out of the freezer, and had Chicken Cordon Bleu from the microwave. Life is on the up and up, as you can tell. Tim gave me extra breaks by holding the baby while I stared at Journeys shoes on the computer. 29 is apparently the year of Boredemness. Ah well. I enjoyed it.

5. Gabriel has this nice little cold he obtained over Christmas, that he apparently generously shared with his cousin Tyler. He has this delectable phlegmy cough that at times makes him gag and then vomit. It's not that it is that bad of a cold, but rather that we have a gaggy child. He seems rather intrigued with the reality of vomiting, and we have to keep hastily fetching his hand out of his mouth where he seems to want to help along the process. Our lunch the other day was seasoned with the sight of watching Gabe cough, retch, and then vomit into the fresh plate of lunch in front of him. Made one look rather dubiously at one's own fresh plate of lunch.

6. Gabe seemed to hit another verbal peak over Christmas. He often seems to improve verbally after spending time with family, for some reason. Today he was encouraging the baby as I was getting ready for church - "Good job, baby!! Good job!" He also enjoys singing "Jesus Loves Me", and other songs he hears. He is saying so many words right now - it's just fun to hear how his brain works. Tonight Tim was praying with Gabriel and went through "And God bless Mommy and God bless Daddy and God bless Gabriel and God bless Israel!" Pause. Gabriel says "Ennnhh - God. Again! God. Again!" So Tim continues, "And God bless Aunt Melody, and God bless Tyler...." on down the family tree. When he gets to the end, there is a pause, and Gabriel says "And God bless Chloe!" :) Good ole Chloe, the unforgotten Jack Russell Terrier, Beloved of Gabriel, appropriate ending to blessings.


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I wish we lived closer so that we could of celebrated your birthday with a little more spice! Once again reading your blog I was laughing alone and wishing someone else could see how funny my sister-in-law is. I miss you guys so much! I may just have to make a visit down there when Rusty goes to Thailand.

Carrie said...

We would love to have you anytime you can come! Gabriel would be overjoyed! :)

Elaine said...

What is it with baby clothes? I think the makers therof are seriously out of touch with the real baby world. For instance, our daughter is almost three months old and is stretching the limit on many 0-3 month sleepers. And the dresses, well let's just say that half of the 3-9 month dresses and jumpers fit her right now, and there are even some 3-6 month that are getting too small. The funny thing is that she is a 25th percentile baby. So, that means that 0-3 month clothes only fit the bottom 25th percentile for the appropriate length of time? I've given up trying to buy way out ahead of time, and just think about the next three months.

Carrie said...

Tell me about it! The most confusing thing to me is that they make the feet way too small on most of the footed sleepers. I'm like - ?? What size of feet are you expecting these children to have? With Gabriel, as he got older, I started cutting off the feet of a lot of his footed clothes.