Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Helpers

Gabe "helping" in the kitchen. He buzzes all over the kitchen with that chair. Just pushes it to where he "needs" it, and up he goes. He likes to help wash dishes, help cook, help push the Start button on the microwave, help eat chocolate chips...that sort of thing.

Tim carrying Little Sweetheart around in a carrier. Isn't he adorable in that carrier? He looks like such a cuddly little munchkin. Which he really is. He still has his fussy moments sometimes, but overall, he is a very happy baby - very quick to smile when you look at him. He has been very observant recently. I have noticed when I put a blanket over him in the bouncer his eyes will really examine the blanket, and he seemed to be using his fists to sort of check it out. I thought that was interesting - it seemed like he was still young for that, but maybe not.

My 4 hours of work went well. Everybody survived very well at home. I'm doing 8 hours tommorrow.



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it went well. Going back to work is tough. Israel already looks older to me. He looks like he's quite content in his carrier to. :)

Angela said...

Julia likes to "help" too, though not as much as she used to now that she's old enough to look at (and understand) books, draw, or just creatively play more. I was praying for you with starting work again!

Elaine said...

I guess somebody should've told Anna she's not supposed to be doing that yet (examining things closely). She'll focus so hard on trying to reach something that her hands will shake. It looks hilarious. So nice you can leave your kiddos with their dad.