Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Magnet Mommy

I'm beginning to believe that I have a giant internal magnet located deep within my vital organs that I never knew about. If, on a rare and wonderful day, I hand the wee one to Tim and speed off to the bedroom to lay down and stretch sleepily for a few blissful silent sunny moments...within about 45 seconds the door bursts open, with the dog waddling in purposefully to find out what I am up to...followed by the two year old, in hot pursuit of the dog, who is gleefully thrilled to find out that Mommy is in bed!!! WHHOOOO-HOOOOO!!! Let's all fling ourselves around in joyful abandon on the bed, giggling wildly, almost whacking our head several times on the footboard, and/or coming within a hairsbreadth of a full on catapulting off of the side of the bed onto a decidedly hard, and potentially quite painful cradle-landing. Dear Husband follows him by 15 seconds, with wee one in his arms, curious to see what all is going on - and since we're all here why don't we just stay and talk to Mom. Truly restful.

Same thing happens when I try to sit down on the toilet for a few presumably solitary seconds. The door flies open (the dog has the uncanny and highly irritating way of busily shouldering every slightly closed door WIDE open), followed by the boy, or vice versa, who are both drawn directly to the bathtub to see what toy treats await them there. Within seconds comes the husband, with baby in his arms, continuing a previous conversation. Sigh.

It makes one really appreciate the preciousness of a little alone time. Basically, the only time I usually get that is after all sweet boys are tucked all snug in their, oh, say...11:45 PM after the wee-est one finally goes down for good (as in, lays down at 10:20, and wakes up about 3 times before settling down). I have a very hard time putting my own self to bed at that point - free time is like a tall glass of cold ice tea for a very thirsty woman - I want to gulp it down, savoring every last drop.

So then I go to bed WAAAY later than I should...and the past several nights Israel has been waking up about 6 times a night, from either congestion, being too hot, or being too cold. Correct one and you cause another. Correct the chronic congestion with a warm steam vaporizer, and all of a sudden you have sodden pillows, dripping blankets, and mold growing in the corner. Nice. You can't win, is what I am saying.

In other, less crabby news, here is the little insomniac himself. Don't you just want to give him a squeeze and a kiss?

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Angela said...

I'm waiting for the day I can go to the bathroom without having to report to anyone where I'm going and why!