Friday, January 12, 2007

Israel, age almost 3 months.

Huggin' buddies.

Below: Gabe with his BELOVED football, preparing to go "ow-side"

Gabe peeling paint off of the basement door. I thought it was kind of a cool picture.

So that's life around here. Post-Christmas.

Speaking of post-Christmas, I seem to have left my lull-Israel-to-sleep abilities at each place we visited over Christmas. Before we left, he would fall asleep while I nursed him or when Tim held him. When I went to VA, he would fall asleep with either the pacifier or breastfeeding. When I went to IN, I had to add lots of calf-muscle-straining-bouncing to the pacifier, and then when I got home, I really felt disoriented as to the appropriate means. Something about changing surroundings keeps throwing me off. I had to reorient at each location. Since we've been home, he will mostly only fall asleep in the bouncer. And late! Like, 11 or 11:30. Just what I want to stay up doing, tending a fusser. But a sweetheart fusser.

Today, he had a caffeinated appearance about him all day. Arms whirling out to the side, eyes wide open, quick to smile, but his smiles wavered on the edge of fussy, and he was equally quick to cry. Just sort of agitated. So he didn't nap the best and then fell asleep at 10 PM in the bouncer. (Insert Hallelujah Chorus here.)

In other news, I am currently in molting season. The infamous post-pregnancy hair loss. A gentle breeze blows and 43 hairs waft off my head. The next time you see me, I will probably have 7 hairs left. You can braid them for me if you wish. That leaves me one for bangs...


Angela said...

Ah, yes, hair loss- I love the terminology- "molting" is quite appropriate. I'm still laughing.. . I think I'm done with that phase now. No bald spots yet!

Lynette said...

i really like sitting here and imagining everything you say literally, especially the part of you having one hair left for a bang and seven for me to braid :>)