Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who, ME??!!

Today for lunch, I was making a recipe that had chicken, rice, yogurt, paprika, and tumeric. I had made the rice, added the tumeric and paprika to the yogurt, when Israel started fussing and needed to be fed. I pushed the rice pan back, so Gabriel couldn’t get it, and left Gabriel happily playing in the silverware drawer. When I was nursing Israel, I noticed that the kitchen was very, very quiet, with the exception of a few highly suspicious noises that drifted out. I decided not to worry about it, since usually he was fine, but after laying Israel down to sleep, I hustled out to the kitchen to see what I could see. Gabriel had pushed a chair up to the counter where I was working, had taken my paprika and tumeric containers and liberally spiced the rice, then took a nice helping of yogurt and added it to my paprika jar. So basically my recipe contained now approximately 6 times the amount of spices called for. He looked up at me with a slightly guilty smile and said “Gabw’l’s eyes?”, and pointed to them. “Gabw’l’s eyebrows!” My child, the diversionary genius.

I went ahead and made the chicken. We shall see how it tastes…

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Carolyn said...

I applaud Tim for being able to Daddy alone while you are on a 12 hours shift away from a baby who is nursing. I also admire you for being able to do it. 12 hours away seems like a long day.