Thursday, April 03, 2008


The other day a large sprayer tractor zipped through the field behind our house, and it was all very exciting for Mommy and Gabriel. We city folk have to live on the mere gleanings of farm crumbs that get tossed our way.
Here's the cutie patootie himself.

The other night, we were up with Gabe around midnight after he coughed so hard he vomited. We got him up and put him in the bathtub, both to wash him off and give his airway some humidity, where he sat blinking sleepily. When Tim lifted him out, he folded into a tired little bundle on the ground. Tim carried the tired little bundle out to the heater, folded into a little ball the entire time. He went back to sleep within seconds after we tucked his freshly pajama-ed self back into bed. Poor little sugar pot.
Here's the boys from the other day. They love tearing around outside, and playing on the deck.


Anonymous said...

I will not surprise you (I doubt) to say, that little boy couldn't look much more like his father! And Israel looks so much like you. I love how brothers (and sisters) can have their own looks as well as personalities. Angelina

heidi rhodes said...

How nice that you have a back deck there for the boys to play on. looks like you all are enjoying "country" life. =)