Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Inauguaration

Tim's Grandpa was wondering aloud about details of "Tim's inauguration" this past weekend. :) :) Actually, it was just an "installation", where Tim was officially installed as the senior pastor of Cannon Mennonite church. He had a great supportive bunch of people out to see him get inaugurated, though... :) :) :)

Mom, Dad, Carol, Norm, and Tim's Aunt Ann and her husband Frank all arrived for lunch on Friday. Rusty and Lynette drove in on Saturday, Quentin came Saturday night, and then Tim's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Wil and their grandson Brennan and Tim's cousin Melissa and her husband Maury and their son Isaiah drove in from PA on Sunday. I had such a great time. I LOVED everyone being there. Happy sigh. And there were so many helpful hands to help with all the stuff to do. Thanks, ya'll.

So here's the weekend in pictures....

Go long, Gwandma!!!
Mom plays a little football with the littlest ones as we wait for the rest of the crew to pull in on Friday. It was a gorgeous day...sigh. These warm days make the cold ones that much harder to bear.
The little football player churns down the field.
The wagon finally arrives. The boys received this wagon for Christmas, but we decided to keep it in VA until after we moved. They were so excited to see it again.
Mine lunch helpers.
Book time with Grandma.

On Friday evening, we drove to Rehoboth Beach and ate at Jake's Seafood, and then had to take a quick look at the beach. It was freezing cold and windy, and this is how close I got. :) You can see the braver family members, which included Gabe, up at the water's edge.
When we got back home, Grandpa Norm helped Israel out with one of Israel's favorite activities - toothbrushing!!
Basically, the kid likes to suck the fruity baby toothpaste off the toothbrush.

Saturday held a much needed haircut for the mop-headed Israel, per the talented snippings of Ann.
And then Aunt Lynette and Uncle Rusty pulled in.
(photo by Lynette Polinder)
Saturday lunch:
I love lunches like this where you have all kinds of options to choose from - Cheetos included. Happy sigh. (This is also one of the few pictures I have of Dad.)
Lingering over the table.
Nana Anna and Nana Carol. (Lynette took this picture. I must attribute artistic skill where it appears.)
Norm. (And this one.)
Unc' Wusty. (And this one.)
(photo by Lynette Polinder)
Lynette was a very long suffering aunt to play outside with her little nephew in the cold. She got some great pictures, though - this is one of them.
(photo by Lynette Polinder)
And another one.
Reading with Nana Anna. Gabriel was so funny with Frank and Ann. He informed me on Friday night that he remembered "Fwank", but he didn't remember "That otha lady - what's her name?", and he was quite taken with them. For good reason. He had a great time with Ann.
And then...
Getting a foot treatment from his Nana Carol. Life could hardly get much better for this boyo. He loves stuff like that.
Chortles from the other little one. It was so nice to have all these people around to help with the boysies.

Oh, look!
It's me in all my maternity-al-ish-ness. I'm 15 weeks, I think.
(photo by Lynette Polinder)
For some reason I cannot help, I adore this picture.
(photo by Lynette Polinder)
Books with Nana.
Unc' Kinten pulled in late Saturday night in all his be-mane-d glory. :)

Tim had his installation and licensing service on Sunday morning. It was very well planned, and I really enjoyed it, despite having to be up front twice with Tim. Gulp. A fellowship meal followed the service.
Conversing with Wil, Kathy, Maury, and Norm.
Melissa, Lynette, Rusty.
Israel conked out mid-fellowship meal.
The fam.

Everybody came back to the house before going their separate ways. Gabe hurriedly crammed in some play time with Isaiah and Brennan. He was so sad to see them leave. Mom and Dad also left on Sunday afternoon.
Mommy resting her eyes while "reading" to her son.

Norm, Carol, Frank, and Ann left on Monday after lunch. We all had such a great time. Thanks so much to everyone for coming - come back soon!!! We love you!!!


Lynette Polinder said...

We had such a good time with you guys...miss you already!

Kathy Beachy said...

Good pictures and fun times. We were glad we were able be there on Sunday. You must have felt lonely after everyone left!

Anonymous said...

Is Quentin going for the Kenny G look? Somebody get that boy some scissors . . . Angelina

Cottonista said...

Carrie, your baby bump looks great, and so do you!