Monday, April 14, 2008

Vrooming to VA

Last weekend I decided to zip on home to VA with the kiddos to go to a birthday party that Mom and Dad were having for Roger Finan, who we knew from church. The trip went surprisingly well, although Israel didn't follow my hopeful suggestion for naps on the way there. I went back on Wednesday. I was glad to find that it is a do-able route. Both times I made it in just under four hours.

I, personally, had a great time while I was there. I got to go SHOPPING without the boys!!!! Bliss!!!! I had some great second-hand finds. Here the boys are playing with $2 golf clubs I found for them. I also found a big bag of giant Legos for $6.
Emmy and Smokey in the sun.
Dad and Gabe having their beloved "Cereal with Granddaddy at night" ritual. Dad is the weirdest person ever. He usually has a cup of regular coffee and a bowl of cereal right before bed, and then goes right to sleep. How bizarre.
Israel happily puttering around on the porch.
Gabe zonked out after a trip to town with Dad. Heh heh. I love the sunglasses.
Israel was thrilled to have a turn with the Granddaddy after Brother was asleep.
Spring in VA.

So Gabe wanted me to push him on the swingset, but I apparently wasn't doing it right, because he had to go find Grandma. I soon discovered that I definitely WASN'T doing it right, because I kept almost having a heart attack watching them swing. :) They had worked out quite the successful swinging methods that I had not been a part of, and Gabe swung high and held on tight while his mama cringed and peeked out of one eye.
Ending the day.
Oh, the wonders of the goodbye goody bag. Gabe was not at all excited about the idea of leaving, but was somewhat mollified when Grandma reminded him that she had a goody-bag for him and Israel when they left. Can't beat goodies.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the bliss of shopping on your own and being four hours away from home so that you can make quick trips back. Looks like the boys had fun with the grandparents. By the way, say hi to them for me the next time you talk to them. Hopefully we can talk soon. I would love to catch up! Love you, Carmen

Anonymous said...

What a cute little tradition for the boys to have with Grandaddy! I love seeing your parents are grandparents- they are so great! I'm so happier you are closer now and can spend more time with them...I'm pretty familiar with that VA-DE route myself and it's not bad!

Anonymous said...

A 4 hour drive to visit parents- now there's an envious thought! Angelina

heidi rhodes said...

hey carrie i love the sunglasses picture but really enjoyed them all. i bet you and your parents are happy with the new shortened trip to get together. how are you liking deleware?