Monday, October 13, 2008

Israel's To-Do List

1. Wake up at 7:20 AM (ie. "way too early for Mommy")
2. Trot noisily and with great gusto into Mommy's room where she looks at you very blearily and hastily hustles you out so that you don't wake up Zion.
3. Poke at baby in car seat while Mommy is taking a shower, causing Mommy to lunge out of shower repeatedly, making large water mess on floor that you can track your fresh clean socks in.
4. Rock baby's car seat energetically, causing repeat of the above.
5. Grab for all of Mommy's lotions and potions on the sink. Attempt to slather them on your face, too.
6. Empty good portion of baby wash onto hair, face, and body of cloth doll. Move on busily.
7. Screech with loud, loud protest when Mommy does not let you play with the toilet brush in the toilet.
8. Follow Mommy into her closet where you busily pull all of her tank-tops off the shelf as she is attempting to get dressed.
9. Take 4 pairs of Mommy's shoes and spread them randomly throughout the house.
10. Grab powder bottle and empty it onto Mommy's bed, into Zion's cradle, and in random powder piles throughout the bedroom while Mommy is out of bedroom.
11. Go into kitchen and stealthily open baking drawer and remove sugar. Scream bloody murder when Mommy catches you, administers appropriate discipline, and takes away your beloved measuring cups.
12. Take off diaper and go sit on Zion's fresh cradle sheet.
13. Crawl up beside Mommy while she is nursing Zion and administer energetic pats, pokes, kisses, and attempted body slams to beloved baby brother.
14. Be totally snotty at all times. And I do mean that in a literal sense.
15. Obtain bottle of saline drops used for Zion's stuffy nose and diligently spray them all over Mommy's bed.
16. Make suspicious water noises in the hall bathroom so that Mommy can investigate and find you sitting in the toilet bowl, having quite a good time.
17. Scream loudly when removed, as life is so, so hard.
18. Pour glass of water into bottom part of baby's cradle.
19. Grab knives off of counter and bring them into the hallway, causing Mommy to have a mini-heart attack.
20. Thoroughly enjoy the slowness with which Mommy reacts when she is trying to nurse the baby and you do something you know you're not supposed to and give Mommy a sly gaze, leading Mommy to decide if she should keep nursing the almost-asleep baby or put baby down, leading to baby bellows of protest, while she chases your speedy little butt down.
21. Fetch interesting items directly out of trash can.
22. Play the "fun" game of putting marbles in your mouth, leading to lots of intriging reactions from your Mommy and Daddy.
23. Throw self randomly and unpredictably onto ground and into your older brother, leading to lots of banging of the head and pain.
24. Bang Daddy very hard on the head with large flashlight and scream loudly and with great protest when appropriate discipline is administered and flashlight is removed from sweaty grasp.
25. Test any and all boundaries, way more than you were doing two weeks ago before there was a wee little baby in the house.
26. Drive Mama C.R.A.Z.Y.
27. Make Mama feel kind of bad that you are driving her so C.R.A.Z.Y., seeing as that you aren't even two years old until Wednesday.
28. Sleep sweetly while sucking your forefinger, hair tousled and limbs splayed, resting up for another busy day.


Melissa said...

such a busy boy and hard worker! i predict a ceo in the making!

Lynette Polinder said...

I feel tired just reading it. What a busy little bee.

Anonymous said...

Goodness that makes me exhausted!!! Brian is mischevious now. . and I can only imagine what he'll be like in a few weeks :). Jan

Cottonista said...

Your boys sure have a thing for the powder!!

We know ALL ABOUT testing Mommy's limits while the baby is being fed. If you put the baby down and come after them, they know you mean business!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired. And not b/c it's past midnight, either. C.R.A.Z.Y is a proper description, yes. Did he really do ALL of those things in just ONE day? Ange

Carrie said...

Melissa - I shall expect to live well in my retirement years off the support of my wealthy CEO child. :)

Lynette - VERY busy.

Janice - why don't you have a blog? I need to hear what life is like in your neck of the cotton field.

Joyce - Indeed. We love the powder passionately around here.

Ange - actually it was over two days. That was plenty close enough to drive me ding batty.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My.


Heidi Rhodes said...

He is a busy little man! So how many times did you have to change your sheets? and the poor cradle?! How in the world are you keeping up with all 3 of them? Just keeping up with Israel sounds like a full time job. Oh the crazy life of a mom! Loved reading your updates!

RosyRose said...

Oh my goodness that little bogger! It is good you are documenting this so you can bring it up with him one day when he is a dad:)
So Carrie I know your a little tied up right now but I tagged you. It is scheduled to post tomorrow.:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Israel! Hope you don't give your Mommy too many gray hairs before this boundery testing levels out! =0) Marissa

Elaine said...

I had forgotten that Anna and Israel are only a couple of days apart. Her birthday is Sunday. Something about this post sounded a bit too familiar, especially the getting into trouble while Mom is feeding the baby part.