Sunday, October 05, 2008

This Week

It's been a full week!! We brought Zion home last Sunday afternoon, and Mom left today, a week later. We have been so grateful for all of her help and "Grandma-love" that she could dole out this week.
Here's Granddaddy re-meeting his grandboy after a week.
I have been pretty exhausted and achy all week, catching up on sleep and feeling like I ran a marathon somewhere along the way in record time without even realizing it. :) I guess that's to be expected. I had a HEAVENLY nap on Friday, where I snoozed in the sun and felt 14 billion times better after I woke up. Zion slept busily beside me the entire time, doing what he does best. :)

Zion is actually a very happy baby, assuming I don't eat something that hurts his tummy. He sleeps the best of all three of my babies - I usually have to wake him up to feed him. I took him for his week check-up on Friday, and he was 6 pounds 10 1/2 ounces (declared an "amazing" weight gain by the doctor) and 19 1/2 inches long. He really is growing quickly, filling out, adding chins. :) He had a little bit of jaundice this week that has mostly faded.
This is Zion at 6 days old.

Friday night Cannon had a surprise baby shower for me!!! :) I felt very loved, and got a whole tableload of gifts for our new little one.
Here Gabe is enjoying the sheep from the cake Donna Yoder made for the shower.
Cheese with cake, anyone?? :)

Here's the other little guy bustling, jumping, hopping, skipping, and humming his happy little self around here.
The boys really are doing well with Zion.
It feels a little bit like "zone defense" around here, to use Gabe's beloved football lingo, in regards to baby protection. Gabe is always busy throwing footballs or tackling Israel, and Israel is just a happy little tornado of flailing limbs, kicking feet, and clumsy affection.

Anywho. Kids are fussing, baby is crying, and it's suppertime. Later!


Anonymous said...

Carrie your boys are so handsome. You sound like a busy lady...I'd bring you a meal or two if I lived closer! A thoughtful shower. One can never have too many diapers.

Anonymous said...

Err um wipes (after taking a second look at the table of gifts)!

Lynette Polinder said...

I love the pictures. I am a proud aunt of some of the cutest little boys EVER. ever. yup. ever.

heather said...

What a sweet little baby boy. It looks like the first week went pretty well for you. And wow a baby shower on the 3rd baby, what a bonus!!!!!! That is awesome.

Carolyn said...

Carrie, you are an awesome writer. Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures. Norm and I enjoy trying to stay caught up from far away.