Sunday, October 05, 2008

Party Hardy or Why My Social Life Needs an Overhaul

Saturday Night. Most people relax, socialize, have a good time. It is 9:35 PM and I am sitting on the couch a little grouchily, as every other single person in my household, my mom and dad and husband included, are all fast asleep. What on earth has this world come to? Me and the baby are awake, and we're only having a fair to middlin' time together, the two of us. I consider my options: feed baby, burp baby, change baby's diaper, give baby pacifier. Life is EXCITING tonight.

10:30 - Baby down for the night. I shuffle over to the computer and putter around.

11:00 - I put the dog out to pee, push the lawnmower into the garage and close the garage door (out of sympathy for my comatose husband, who fell asleep at 7:30 PM), and take a bath, where I sit and stare morosely at the tub. (I am such a pleasant combination of exhaustion and hormones these days...)

11:15 - I crankily settle myself down for the night, all Saturday night fun completed. Woo-hoo. Baby fed. Israel fussing - added socks and extra pair of pants.

1:30 AM - Baby awake. Baby fed. Gabe wakes up and comes out to find me, in tears because he needs water. I suggest that he go pee and help with his pants one handed. Water obtained, boy peed and back to bed. Baby back to bed.

2:30 AM - Baby awake. Baby has a tummy ache. Mommy greatly regretting the Buffalo Chicken Pizza she thoughtlessly ate for supper, as Baby is not going back to sleep anytime soon.

2:50 AM - Baby given Gripe water. Happier, but still wide awake.

3:15 AM - Baby chillin'. Gabe out to find Mommy again...I forget why, but it was important. Needs tended to.

4:15 AM - Baby finally back to sleep. Mommy creeps back into bed.

4:30 AM - Israel crying out in his sleep. Tim sent in to the rescue.

4:35 AM - Israel still crying out. Mommy goes in to rub his back and pat him.

4:40 AM - Back in for poor Israel. Thinking of Tim's alarm, which is due to go off in approximately 2 hours. Loudly.

5:00 - Snore.

6:30 AM - Israel awake. Tim up to get him milk and work on his sermon. Baby fed.

8:45 AM - Baby awake. Mommy awake. Everyone's awake.

My Saturday night revelry is finished. Until next weekend...


Anonymous said...

Weeelll now. .. that makes me not so anxious for the arrival of my third munchkin. It sounds way too much like some nights I had after Brian was born :). Jan

Carrie said...

Well, Janice, if it's any consolation, most nights aren't this bad. This one just had to be recorded for posterity. :)

kdurec said...

Oh my, that is CRAZINESS! You sound much more pleasant than I would have been. I'm pretty sure I would have been crying more than the children. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading this entry. Although it does strengthen my resolve to not have another baby in the near future (that means at least 3 years!). Thanks for the reminder!:) However, my sympathies are with you...

Melissa said...

You're amazing Carrie! I don't know how you do it!

heather said...

You poor, poor thing. I feel so badly for you. :( :( I remember these days all too clearly after you described them. My oldest was 3 1/2 when our #3 was born. Everyone wanted something. And all I wanted was to sleep in a huge way. Your weekends have changed...but they will change again. This is just a season, in your motherhood. I know, you probably already know that-But wanted to remind you. :)

Carrie said...

Actually, thanks, Heather - I am hungry to hear "it will get better from here" right now. It is exactly like you said - everyone wants something, and all I want to do is sleep. I'm just glad to hear it won't last. Sometimes you wonder, you know?? :)

Carrie said...

Melissa - I'm not amazing. I'm just reeeally tired and pretty cranky. :)