Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Us Five

There's getting to be a lot of boys around here these days. :)

We are settling in nicely as a household of five (six, actually, since Mom is here for a week). The boys really enjoy their new baby brother. Gabe, in particular, loves to hold him and to "help". He talks about how nice it is to have a new brother, and informed me that he doesn't really have time to help with Israel now. :) He clambered right up into the hospital bed when Mom and Dad brought the boys in on Friday evening and very eagerly and proudly held Zion close. He calls him "Ryan" sometimes. When I corrected him the other day, he told me that it was the same thing as Zion. He just loves him, and talks about how cute he is.
I found Gabe padding out of our bedroom on our first full day home, and went in to find three very carefully and lovingly arranged pacifiers right where the baby could get to them if he so needed. :)
When Israel first saw Zion, his eyes were kind of big and he was just not quite sure about things. Somehow, someway, he could tell that there was a significance to his life in the fact that Mommy was holding a baby. He wanted to stay with Grandma at first, and didn't want to hold Zion - until a few minutes later when he was ready. He loves to climb up and watch when I change or feed Zion. He is a fascinated observer.
Here he is with a day of familiarity. I love this picture!
Mom is a huge help as usual. Here she is giving Zion his first bath at home.
He HATES baths. And diaper changes. Although a post-bath paci helps. :)
It's nice to have her around to help not only with the practical things, but also with the boys as a buffer to the change that is happening. There is someone else around to dispense TLC as needed. I think that both boys - but especially Gabe - are adjusting to Mommy having less time. Gabe is pretty Mommy-needy anyways...so this has led to more acting up. Sigh. But it's ok - it's just part of the adjustment.

Zion did not really go to sleep soundly until around 3 AM for the first two days, and then he slept for 3-4 hours. The past several days he has switched into more of a schedule, and I have had to wake him to feed him. That's a nice change!! He was been kind of fussy, until I rediscovered gripe water and changed up some things in my diet - like black tea :( :( :(. I will sorely miss it's absence. I feel pretty tired...but otherwise good.

Zion is already starting to fill out his baggy baby skin. :) That would be because he is a champion eater, that son of mine. He's doing great. He also (praise the Lord!!!) is taking a pacifier. I LOVE pacifiers!!! (Israel never would take one.) They are such a great soother. His umbilical cord fell off at 4 days - that is the fastest for any of my kids.

Here's two humorous Gabe observations to leave you with. When Mom and Dad had brought the boys into the hospital that first night to visit their new little brother, Gabe asked with furrowed brow - "Mommy, is this the baby that was in your tummy?"

"Yes, Gabe, it is that baby."

He gently touched my stomach. "Is there another little baby in there now?" :) Apparently I still look a "little" pregnant. Heh heh.

He is also very interested in how he could also nurse the baby. Today he was musing that perhaps if he drinks a whole lot of water that he would have milk for the baby. Such a downer for him when Mommy informs him that this is not possible. :) He is really sweet with Zion.

And here's a bunch more pictures of the "new new baby".


Cottonista said...

Zion is so sweet! You've got some proud older boys, too. Hope things continue to go well!

We are jealous of the pacifier acceptance.

Anonymous said...

That 4th to last picture of Zion, clutching the blanket, is soooo darling! Hope you can get your rest and adjustments go as smoothly as possible. Marissa

Lynette Polinder said...

awwwww. I love the updates and pictures. Keep them coming! love you

Anonymous said...

Awww so precious! I woulda been over to behold him in person but I have the crud that is going around...hopefully it stays far from you guys! Looks like it's going good. Soo fun...three little boys! Wow that is alot of men around! Bless you mommy! ~Elvida

Mark said...

What a cutie!! Ann and I are so happy for you guys. It sounds like the boys are adjusting well. Joshua went through a period for about 1-2 months after Daniel came but after that things were great. Try to get some rest :)

kdurec said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! Zion is adorable. :) I am glad that the first week seems to be going so well for you! Here's to a better schedule where the baby at least knows that the day is day and night is night. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture of Zion. He is really a beautiful baby! Hoping and praying for a smooth adjustment (3 boys with one Mommy seems like a lot to deal with!). Make sure to get your rest when you can - that always helps me to be a chipper more tolerant mom. Blessings.

Melissa said...

awwwwwww! gabe wanted to nurse the baby - soo cute! hmm ... reminds me of the time our beloved lynette joy tried to nurse one of my kittens.

that's so nice that your mom can stay with you for a week. what would we do without our mothers?

Anonymous said...

Zion is precious!!! He looks so snuggly. It makes me anxious for my own :). I'm at 34wks and 3 days. . . so not too long yet before a little girl crashed into the house of boys :). Jan

Heidi Rhodes said...

I cant believe I missed the whole thing!! I didnt know it had been so long since I had checked in here =/ Congratulations on your sweet baby Zion! He is so precious! Im sure that life is crazy and hectic right now I am so glad your mom is there to help you. Hope these first few weeks go by smoothly for you.
Your birth story had me cracking up and also groaning in pain with you..You are a brave strong woman I think i would have been knocking some heads together. =)
And yes my eagle eyed friend we did indeed get a new camera around smith mt lake..it is a canon i cant even remember now. You are a Nikon fan arent you? I would love to some day get a bigger camera with all the lenses, but im not sure if i could ever figure it out (MF and ISO and all that) I really need a mentor that can show me how that stuff works. =) Maybe someday! And Anthony also got me Adobe Photoshop for my birthday so I have been playing with that and loving it! It is a must for everyone who loves taking pictures i think. The best thing is you can tag photos and then find them so easily.
Was going from 2 to 3 a huge adjustment? I think they say that thats easier than going from 1 to 2 or is it easier going from 3 to 4..hmm. Okay sorry about the book here hope you have time to read all this =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these pictures! And Gabe is just too cute with all his observations.
Talk to you soon!

Kathy Beachy said...

I enjoyed all Gabe's responses! Us siblings and grandpa's were all together at our place Friday night and we pulled your blog up on our TV screen so everyone could see the pictures. Carol read your birthing story for Grandpa and Grandma.

heather said...

You are one funny writter. I can't stop stalking your blog. Your new little baby boy is so cute. And wow...love that picture of Zion holding his blankie. So cute. And what a sweet brother to have 3 pacifers ready for baby brother. Sweet, sweet, sweet!