Sunday, September 14, 2008

Uncle Quentin

Uncle Quentin came this weekend for a visit. We all thoroughly enjoyed him. Gabe really enjoyed Uncle Quentin patiently teaching him how to play solitaire on his laptop. Gabe LOVES stuff like that.
He also enjoyed new toys that his beloved uncle thoughtfully brought along, such as an air-dart-popper-thingie, and a new yellow bouncy ball.

Baby Israel took time to read some of Quentin's books.
Gabe had to squeeze in one truck ride before he left.
Gabe bemoaned the fact that everyone has to leave when they come visit, and doesn't really seem to think the issue of work, and earning money for food and a place to live in is all that relevant. "But I want him to stay!! But I yike him!!" (Emily, he also mentioned the fact that he "yikes" Emily too, and wishes she didn't have to go home when she comes to visit. :))

Thanks for coming, Quentin. We really enjoyed it.

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