Saturday, September 06, 2008

Grandma and Granddaddy

Grandma and Granddaddy came to visit the weekend after church camp. The boys were thrilled as always to see them. We got all kinds of projects done this time since Mommy has had renewed energy of late - hanging more pictures, sorting winter clothes, fixing doors, moving some furniture. Happy sigh. Gittin' this house baby-ready.

Here are Granddaddy and the boys - and the dog - working on the sliding door. Do those boys look helpful or what?
And, as always, there was plenty of reading time wif' Gwamma.
This time was extra special for Gabe because they came bearing BIRTHDAY PRESENTS for him, since they wouldn't be here for his birthday. He got a marble roller with marbles,
a Winnie the Pooh movie, a book about a boy chasing butterflies...and a BUTTERFLY NET. Wowsers. His eyes got so big when he saw that net. It was just what a boy like him needed.
A day or two later I looked outdoors and saw Gabe tearing around on the grass, in hot pursuit of a yellow butterfly. He didn't catch it, but man, did he have a good time in the chase.

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Anonymous said...

Fun times with the grandparents :) Makes me a little jealous and a little sad about what the girls are missing. Carmen