Saturday, September 06, 2008


Ummmm, can you TELL that I've had some picture back-log here? Good gracious. Here's a few random snaps of late.

This is Gabe doing one of his very favorite activities. "Washing" the car. He can very busily wash for quite a while.
The other day Gabe discovered my basket of scarves, head wraps, etc., and was quite thrilled with his find.Heh heh.

This was Gabe the other day after he snuggled into bed beside me as I was resting one afternoon. Mind you, this is post-mid-afternoon-tired-bellowing-that-led-to-Mommy-turning-off-his-beloved-XBox-football-leading-to-more-tired-bellowing. Goodness. After he calmed down he wanted a snack, namely ham. So this is the little buddy eating his ham in Mama's bed.

Speaking of eating meat, the other night Tim fixed some left over steak and those boys gobbled it down lickety-split. All of them are crazy steak nuts. The room gets silent as they voraciously gobble.
I find Israel camped out on the spare mini-van bench in the garage of late. It's a great place to settle down and investigate spare odds and ends. :)

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