Thursday, September 18, 2008


There's two flip feelings to being this pregnant. After you've been pregnant throughout almost the entirety of nine months, it seems, in a way, that you will always be pregnant. This is simply the new me, with a swollen belly that throws off my lifting abilities and waddles me around. I don't really feel all that different, aside from that. No utter exhaustion, no extreme discomfort, etc.

On the other hand, there is that suspense once you hit week 37-38, where you start to say - you know, I could have this baby any day. And it does sort of feel that way. I am having more Braxton-Hicks. The other night I was having contractions about every 6 minutes, but then they stopped. So it's 2 (to 4! erp!) weeks of anticipation. Maybe today. Maybe today. Maybe today.

I still don't have quite all my projects done, so I actually am quite fine waiting. But also sort of looking forward to that "vacation" where I get to lounge in my luxurious hospital bed (cough), eating luxurious hospital food (blink), and stare raptly at the face of my newborn (happy sigh) as someone else watches the other children at home (heh heh heh). Very vacation-y. Aside, from, say, the blood. And then there would be the pain. And the large child birthing itself.


Well, Lewes (where the hospital is) is kind of on the ocean....(hopeful tone)...????

Projects left to do include -
1. Finding the suitcase to pack my stuff in.
2. Unpacking the 0-3 month clothes.

These both seem sort of relevant, so perhaps I might apply myself a little harder tommorrow.

Tim has been very helpful in letting me get other projects completed in the last several days. He let me have a "last hurrah", in which I drove to Salisbury and spent 6 hours in the company of me, myself, and I. I so thoroughly enjoyed myself...I went to Target, to Go Green Baby Co., to Babies R Us, to Walmart, and to the mall. And then to Ruby Tuesday. All without my precious little chattering whining giggling adorable needy effort-requiring rewarding bundles of joy. Sigh of bliss. I actually could also have taken myself out for a movie, but I figured that Tim was being nice enough as it was. :) Thanks, babe.

This night out allowed me to intensively research my latest OBSESSION - cloth diapers. My beloved mother has agreed to "help me" (I'm trying to figure out exactly my role in being helpful, as I'm not exactly much of a sewer...yet.) make pocket diapers in the style of Bum Genius for this new babe to help save some pennies. As with all projects-I-internalize/bees I get in my bonnet/etc., I cannot stop until I have madly researched every little last detail to find out how to make the best decision until finally, finally I am researched out and can come to the end and breathe a sigh of relief and walk my thoroughly educated self forward.

In the past, this like-white-on-rice research quality of mine has been applied to: babies with flat heads, house-buying, vaccinations, budgets, cameras - and probably a few more things. This time, my thoughts before I go to sleep and thoughts throughout the day and online research topics include diaper style, fabrics, diaper inserts, how to wash them, blah blah blah. I'm telling you, my dear friends and acquaintances, it's sort of exhausting and I am really quite ready to get it out of my system. Sigh. But I'm almost there. I have most of the fabrics ordered, most of the "other" items, and I am actually very excited about it.

Anywho. Man, is life thrilling around here or what?

Till next time, this is the 38 weeks preggo, signing off.


Cottonista said...

As freaked out as it may sound, I understand looking forward to having that baby as "vacation." Jason and I both felt that way--we were excited about getting some sleep! Don't forget to take earplugs to block out all the interruptions from nurses checking vital signs in the middle of the night.

kdurec said...

Wow Carrie! I had Kendra at 38 weeks! It could be any day now for you! I can't wait to see pictures. :)

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

i love reading your blog Carrie. I am always laughing out load at some point even in a quiet little internet cafe all alone like on this day. Love you.

Carolyn said...

Tim said "any day now" on his blog. Are you still having contractions?

Carrie said...

Carol - no regular ones. Sigh.