Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One thing about managing a house with multiple small children in it that has not failed to amaze me is the multitude of "little" tasks that pepper themselves throughout your day. Last night, when I went to bed, the house was in pretty good shape. This morning, someone tracked large man-shoe-sized powder footprints throughout the house, Gabe couldn't make it to the potty and peed on the kitchen floor, the baby took off his poopy diaper in the bathroom and then went and sat on the living room rug, I found Gabriel behind the chair in our bedroom covertly dumping baby powder on the pile of clothes I had made to take to the hospital with me (he lost all kinds of privileges for the entire day because he knows very well and good he is not supposed to dump powder, which is exactly why he was being so quiet about it :)), the dog chewed up a green crayon on the bedroom floor, someone dumped out a basket of clothes to be put away, Gabriel found a box of foam packing popcorn that he shredded all over the bedroom rug (he is currently very unhappily assigned to the task of picking all of it up), and I'm pretty sure I just found a spot where the dog vomited on the carpet. This is ASIDE from all the normal tasks of laundry, food getting, child dressing, butt wiping, squabble monitoring, toy picking up, etc. that there are to do ANYWAYS.

Seriously, people. What in the world.


Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly, though with some differing life stage tasks. Looking forward to your news soon!

Kris said...

I totally know what that's like. If you're like me, you get super tired of getting distracted from the task that you really want to complete...like say lunch.

Melissa said...

you poor thing ... and pregnant to boot! i would just throw in the towel and watch reality tv all day if i were you. ;) i mean, i'm not you, and that's still what i do on my days off.

Carrie said...

Melissa - Maybe I should just produce and star in my own reality TV show. That way I could get rich whilst cleaning up dog vomit.

(Actually, Tim cleaned up the dog vomit AND the poop, that nice guy.)