Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thirty-eight weeks and six days. Plenty of contractions...but none regular and close. Last evening I was sure I was going into labor. I started having moderately strong contractions around 5:30 PM about 5-7 minutes apart...which drifted into 10 minutes apart...which drifted into 12 minutes apart...and then stopped around 10:30 PM. Stink.


The other day Gabe asked if he could go pee outside. Ok, says Mommy, but only if you go pee by the field. I look out and find him peeing by the steps. That doesn't look like the field to me, I scold out the door. A few minutes later I look and he's sitting on the deck steps. After a bit he gets up and comes toward the door to tell me that I need to set the microwave timer for his timeout so that he can get up when it beeps. Oooookkaay. I went and sat the timer, and he sat there in his self-assigned timeout until it beeped. I'm pretty sure that was a first. :)


When Quentin was here the other week, while we were eating lunch on Sunday, he got something caught in his throat and went out into the kitchen to cough. Israel observed avidly. When Quentin came back and sat down, Israel clambered out of his chair and hurried to the kitchen, where he proceeded to stomp his chubby little feet around and cough fakely and whole-body-ed-ly. :) When he finished, he trotted back to his chair and climbed back up. :) He is such a mimic.


Heidi said...

Yeaa Carrie your getting so close your almost there!! Hope everything goes smoothly and you enjoy your "vacation" =D

Anonymous said...

Rooting for more of those contractions! Candice
I've had fun catching up on your blog now that we finally have a computer again.

Tom said...

p.s. I've been meaning to pass on something from Silas's birth too...I had heard that uterine contractions (after birth) get worse with each child, and I found that to be very very true. I was really surprised at how painful it was- especially while breastfeeding. Anyway, thought you should know! But yeah, enjoy the rest- especially the break from your other kids. After two days, I was really missing mine though.

Anonymous said...

Of course that was me, not Tom. :) Candice

RosyRose said...

Hi carrie berry- It was so fun to read your blog! you are knocking on the door girl! hope you have a fantasticical delivery(if that's possible). I remember when I was in your shoes I didn't care about the pain so much anymore I just wanted my body to be free of the freakshow it had become. You, my friend, are on the brink of finding out who that special someone is that will help define your family! You will be in my thoughts these next days and weeks! May the God of peace give you his strength and peace! love you, Rose
and by the way Tom has some helpful things to say about contractions:)