Saturday, September 06, 2008

Church Camp

August 15-17 was our church camp at Denton Wesleyan Camp in Denton, MD. We got there Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon. We stayed in a little private cottage.
This was the downstairs. Upstairs we had two bedrooms and a bathroom.
We had a lot of fun - except for the first night when we were settling the two boys down for sleep. This was before they were used to sharing a room, and they would NOT hardly go to sleep. Israel was in a pack-and-play that he was unused to, and Gabe was on a bed, which he was unused to, and they kept each other awake. Finally Gabe zonked out, and Israel was still bouncing around yelling. Around 12:30 AM, we were talking about whether one of us should drive the half-hour back home with Israel and put him in his regular bed - but then he conked out. The next night was much better, as they were both pooped.
Gabe and Israel and their buddy Kaylan Yoder.

Gabe was so tired he fell asleep in this position after supper. He just cuddled up on the chair and was out.
The boys were loathe to leave. They had such a good time. Gabe has been talking about church camp ever since, and is hopeful we have it again soon. Next year, buddy. :)

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