Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And Good Morning To You!

I don't really feel that I am the sort of person that is designed to watch the 5:30 AM news. Apparently, however, that is what was on the agenda for this morning. That was before I was busily frying eggs at 6 AM for the tousle-headed little munchkin that woke with a yelp and a chirp before any rationally minded person should.

5:30 was a mere hour after I had tucked his older brother back into bed, after he came into our bedroom in tears for the third night in a row, because I was not "checking" on him every 5-15 minutes all night long, as is the pattern BEFORE he goes to sleep. He just wails piteously when I groggily inform him that Mommy cannot check on him all night, that Mommy has to go to sleep, just like Daddy and Baby. Piteous wails are awfully loud at 4:30 AM.

So anywho. I know the sleepless nights are merely days ahead...I just thought I'd have a few more days than this before they started. And that they would contain a soft, sweet smelling little bundle that you could hold with your eyes closed, instead of a busily rampaging 1 year old, who emptied my bookshelves by the bed, dumped out my basket of hair clips and earrings, and dutifully called our realtor by 8 AM, whilst I lay dozily abed.

It's 8:11 AM, and he is wailing tiredly. If I go tuck him back into bed, he will wake up the Four Year Old Crank.

Wide yawn.

The day, it seems, is begun.


Anonymous said...

Aaww man. .I'm sorry!!! Mine were also up way too early (it was 0630 after waking up multiple times during the night) but not at 0530!!. So lazy momma put on a video so I could close my eyes for a little longer. Hope you can get a nap sometime today :). Janice

kdurec said...

Oh no! That sounds terrible!

We will be praying for nights of blissfully uninterrupted sleep before the new baby arrives! Because then we know that (for a little while anyway) sleep deprivation will take over. Hopefully your new little one will be laid back and born ready to sleep through the night! You deserve it, after all!

Kathy Beachy said...

I can only imagine. Hopefully it will change soon. I had Brennan and Sawyer last night and just loosing 1-2 hours of sleep can kind of make your tired. Be tough, be strong. I already know that I don't have to say be loving!

Cottonista said...

I also extend my sympathy to you, with added confirmation that no, you were not designed to watch the early morning news. Neither was I.