Monday, December 15, 2008


I moved Zion into 3-6 month clothes. (2 months 2 weeks) He is very interactive, with lots of eye contact and smiles and "talking". He sleeps soooooo good. Last night he slept from 10:30 PM-ish to about 8:30 AM-ish. This convinces me that there is no miracle baby sleep solution, but that some kids do and some kids don't. Sleep well and easily, that is.

Gabe moved up into a new Sunday School class for the 4-6 year old kids. He likes it a lot. I knew he would. He is one of those kids that I know will love school just for the social aspect.

Israel is in a tantrum stage. He gets SO FRUSTRATED when we can't understand what he is trying to communicate, and bursts into wails and tears and throwing himself down on the floor and kicking his feet. And they can be pretty prolonged. After several of those in a day, you get really sort of in the mood to ignore him when he is doing it. If he was doing it to be manipulative, I would think that's ok, but I have to remember that I would get really frustrated too if no one ever understood what I was trying to communicate something that I really wanted. But it's still honestly really annoying. :) He has also grown recently and looks more "small boy"-ish. I will really miss his babyness when he is all grown out of it. He has been such a happy little chipmunk baby.


Carolyn said...

See you soon. Hope to communicate with Israel with books

Anonymous said...

wow. . .that is one good sleeping baby!!!! None of my kids have EVER slept until 0830. . .maybe Allison will be my first :). Jan

Elaine said...

Oh, so good to know my two-year-old is not the only one going through that stage. And it doesn't take very much to set her off. Today at the library she bumped heads with one of her little (also two-year-olds friends) and they just started screaming their heads off.