Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Picture catch-up.  Zion has been napping in the same room as the computer with our pictures. Sigh.  This means I feel like I never get around to doing my pictures.  Sigh.  Which means it takes forever when I finally get around to doing them.  Tim sighing.    :)  But anywho, here's life of late.

Mommy and the boys cooking some egg sandwiches, while Daddy prepares to leave for the evening.
Zion helping Mommy hang up some clothes.  :)
Mommy's little helper elves.
Mommy and baby.
A Zion collage.
Riding tricycles on a sunny day.
The CUTEST little cuddly buddy ever.
Daddy and boy catching some morning snoozes.
Fireman Bob gets distracted by a cool little toy.
Bounce bounce bounce.  Zion is only semi-tolerant of this handy little jumper at this point.
The fall that has disappeared into winter brown/grey.


RosyRose said...

Thanks for the pics Carrie...I can understand why you want to kiss and smooch that little bugs!
You are so blessed as I'm sure you know!

kdurec said...

Sweet sweet pictures! The boys look so tall in the first one but I know it's just because of what they're standing on. :) They are all so adorable! And you are so SKINNY! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, WHERE are the extra pounds?? They don't show. Enjoy the Christmas cookies! LOVE, love the b and w of you and Zion. Precious! Love, Candice

joanna.crabtree said...

oh I miss you my friend. I love reading your blog....