Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Jobs

Getting the Christmas tree stuff out of the attic whilst mumbling under one's breath about such a chore and the existence of an attic in the first place - Tim's Job

Putting up the Christmas tree and clambering back up into the attic to try to find the rest of the branches and lugging several more boxes down and finding the missing pieces and unraveling and wrapping lights around the tree and then discovering that one string of lights won't work and then trekking to Wal Mart and finishing the next day and then clamboring back up to the attic twice unsuccessfully searching for the tree skirt and starting to hang up ornaments and picking up all those scattered little green thingies and burning nice Christmas-y smelling candles - Carrie's Job

Carefully sorting through ornaments and attaching green hangers to them and asking if we can "wap pweasents" and if it is Christmas yet and exclaiming how pretty Nana Carol and Gwandpa Norm will think the tree is - Gabe's Job

Banging Christmas tree ornaments together and throwing those little green hanger thingies all over - Israel's Job

Being really tired and cranky and continually disrupting Mommy's many attempts to just get the tree done already - Zion's Job


Cottonista said...

Heh heh. Last year I bought a pre-lit Christmas tree. All the branches are pre-strung with lights, and attached to the pole by hinges. I have some extra strands of lights from our previous tree. Want me to mail them to you? ( :

Anonymous said...

Ditto cottonista! I am the proud owner of a pre-lit tree that took me all of about 15- 20 min to put up (not counting the interruptions :). Jan

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as pre-lit christmas trees. They definitely don't exist in this part of the world :) We haven't gotten very far with decorations, but are trying to think of some ideas so the girls can help and get excited about having Christmas here. Let me know if you have any ideas, especially related to advent. you'll have to post some pictures of the christmas tree fun at your house :) Love ya, Carmen

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I want to see the finished product after all this hard work! Candice