Tuesday, December 09, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving Day here in DE - Tim spoke at a combined church service, and then we went to Larry and Eileen Crossgrove's house and had a very enjoyable time with them and Weston and Stephanie Yutzy and their two boys, Carson and Nevin, and...ummm....Erika and...I forget her husband's name.  Sorry, Erika's husband.  :)  The next day, we left for Virginia, where we had a Beery Thankgiving/Christmas (to which I forgot to bring my camera), and then a Heatwole Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house.   

Mom and Dad had gotten some new stools for the boys to sit on.  Gabe was very concerned that he be the one to sit on his stool, which was pushed up to the big table, and no one else.  He perched on his stool during the afternoon
 and after everyone had arrived and was milling around after the prayer, Mom went to find Gabe and found him staking his claim.  :)

Zion was sort of cranky throughout the meal, so I just got some pictures of the after dinner activity.
The boy cousins.

Another exciting thing about our visit this time was getting to see all of Grandaddy's new calves.
They are little baby calves who need a bottle, and Gabriel got to help.
  Israel checked out the action, but was too dubious of the Maddie factor (Dad's Laborador dog) to really enjoy his time on the ground.
We also enjoyed some time to do some shopping, fix tires, and replace van belts.  I really enjoyed those last two, oh man.  

Gabe and Israel pattered happily and busily around, getting all their "work" done.  
Israel and his baby doll.  Like his hair? :) :) :) 
Israel loves to ride this horse.  Mostly I was just capturing the Dennis the Menace hair at another angle, though.  :)  Love it.

I also got to see my friend Angela Zehr Heatwole that I had not seen for a long time!  
We got to chat over some chow at O'Charley's.  It was a very good time.  It wad great to see you, Angelina!! :)

As we were packing up to go, the dogs were both a real help.  
Maddie offered to drive us home, but we didn't take her up on it.  So she just settled her injured feelings by sitting on the gas pedal, revving the engine, and thoroughly startling herself.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! We missed you Norm and Carol!

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sounds like a good time, Carrie.