Thursday, January 22, 2009


Kindness blew in my door the other day
bringing a chicken pot-pie and cookies
wrapping holding arms around the baby
washing my dishes
vacuuming my floors
whisking my children away for the afternoon/evening
peppering my house with happy conversation.

What friends have I found!!

Thank you, Donna
Thank you, Sydney
Thank you, Faith
Thank you, Dorothy

You made my day.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Isn't that just amazing? So, we're about to embark on your adventure of 3 little ones. 10 weeks to go! Any suggestions/advice? -Kristin Bucher

anna said...

sounds like you were rescued and pampered! how nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. . . I think your friends know just what a mom of 3 young kiddos craves. . help, adult conversation, and some time alone :). Sounds fabulous and I hoep you enjoyed it!! Janice

Anonymous said...

sounds like some wonderful friends you have there! So nice of them to help you out!! LaVonne Heatwole

Heidi Rhodes said...

What sweet helpers! Your life sounds so busy Carrie, I am exhausted just reading about it, and imagining the sense of helplessness you must feel sometimes, as they all 3 need something. I feel like that with 2 sometimes, I can just imagine how it would be more so with 3. So glad you got a little break, and a yummy meal! Loved catching up with your blog =)

Kathy Beachy said...

Thanks God for your angel friends.

Carolyn said...

Thank God for friends!

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely! let me know when is a good time so we can catch up. i miss you! carmen

Big SisterMama said...

nice surprise to find your blog by accident! this is jess was-a-digennaro from the infamous india team long can hit up my whole family blog at if you go down far enough, you'll see pics of Moe and Z., our little angels. blessings from another mom of little ones!

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

its past time for another post my friend.

Heather Schwartz said...

I have no idea what that would be like! Wow, what good friends you have! I hope they do that again for you!

Melissa said...

where, oh where has my carrie gone? where, oh where can she be?