Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Sweet Man

Sleep tight my man, my little sweet man
Resting upon my arm
Head lolling back, eyes mostly closed
Oozing your babily charm

Nestle in close, my little sweet man
You are your mama's joy
Your squeezy legs, your chubby chin
Your soft skin, you sweet baby boy.

Now see here my man, my little sweet man
Mama loves you but God loves you more
He sent his Son, your Hope and your Light
Follow Him and make your way sure.

So rest now my man, my little sweet man
I'll sing you a sweet lullaby
Soon you will laugh, soon you will run
And far from these arms you will fly


Melody Stuckey said...

How sweet! I love that picture. His eyes are so beautiful!

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

me too! GREAT photo. And he is soooo precious!

Anonymous said...

Precious!! -Kristin B.

anna said...

I LOVE it! Oh my goodness, what a Timothy! He has beautiful eyes.

Anonymous said...

Does it have a tune so you can sing it to him? I love making up songs for my kids. One I sing a lot is "Good Night Little Bear (Claire), Bird (Eliza), Tiger (Silas)...dream about the angels."

Timothy Miller said...

"And far from these arms you will fly."

I love/hate that line. Makes me cry.