Monday, January 05, 2009

Winter 2008

A white moon suspended in the chill night air
The darkness is silent save for the wind
I lay in my bed on the warm side of the window
And stretch along the warmth of him

The house slumbers in peace around us
Our breaths mingle, toothpastey and sweet
I feel his heartbeat, I feel his living skin
Warm and elastic, stretched over his bones

My shoulders are smooth, my face barely lined
My children are four, two, and small
The days are full of raucous boyishness
The evenings are my respite

My senses take in my life days
Delight in knock-knocks, joy in the simple act of laughing, brother-loving
Mimic-ing cherub, tousle-headed squirt faces
Sweet soft baby head, ready smiles, roll-ey kicking legs and belly laughs
Barking dog, ringing doorbell
electric guitars and radio
Toy cars under my feet, legos in my bed
Smell of shampoo and lotion
Nuzzle of baby necks
Wails of distraught small child
taste of hurried suppers
chocolate smeared faces
a laughing kiss
a hug of rightness
my love is my husband

My face stretches into a yawn
Disrupted sleep and napless days are aging me
Into a grey haired mommy

Let me savor the goodness of these days
And use them for what they may be
foundations of truth, mortar of love

The night wind chills in an icy circle around my nest of sleeping family
I curl my back into his warmth
And sleep


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe YOUR face is unlined. Sigh. I saw a close up of me the other day that scared me- I'll post it on my blog soon so you can share my horror. I loved the poem and share the sentiments-except for all the cold and icy parts.

Carrie said...

Maybe I should just look a little closer in the mirror. :)

RosyRose said...

very beautiful poetry Carrie!
Good job! You're a great mom! You know sometimes it just helps to get all that "stuff" down on paper. It's good therapy!
Hang in there sweetie! I know these sleepless days well!

RosyRose said...

BTW...HAPPY Birthday tomorrow!:)
29 again my fair one?

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

You are really talented young lady. I think you should enter this poem somewhere. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

How do you do this, Carrie? Beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. -Angelina

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - gives me chills - especially the 4th stanza. I can readily relate. Happy Birthday!

Kris said...

love this! beautiful!

BettyJ said...

yes, this is beautiful.