Thursday, April 19, 2007


Feet grabbin' man.

Daddy and boy. These boys have such a lovin' daddy.

This is our resident "dwummah in a box". :)


heidi rhodes said...

hey carrie,
our stupid computer was acting up for us so now that i am finally able to get on i am catching up on some of your posts. israel is so photogenic. i love his new pictures especially the one on the couch and with his daddy. i would definetly blow those up. your baby schedule sounds a lot like mine as far as the nites go. i finally took alexis for her 4 (now 5) month appointment, and the doctor told me she is big enough to go without eating at nite and im supposed to just let her cry a little, but i havent been able to do it yet. i feel bad to not feed her cause i think shes hungry. i usually just grab her as soon as she starts to stir so she wont wake blake up but i might let her go just a little bit before i feed her. last nite she actually only woke up once, but i think it was just cause shes not feeling well with her cold. gabe sounds so funny. i cant wait till blake can put more words together. hes pretty good at letting me know what he wants but sometimes im just like what in the world is he saying. anyway sorry so long but i havent posted in a while so i had a lot to say. hope its as sunny there as it is here. =) ~heidi

Carrie said...

Thanks Heidi. I know what you mean about not being able to quite let them cry...I've sort of backed off letting Israel cry as much for his naps (even though Tim still does) - it just stresses me OUT!!!! - I let him cry for a few minutes, and then I nurse him,or get him back up and put him in his swing - and I always just nurse him to sleep at night...and I just can't let him cry in the middle of the night. It is just so stressful on me to hear him crying like that that I would just rather get up. Plus, last night he slept through the night! 10-7:30 or so. I totally know what you mean about the stage where Blake is at - that was just Gabe too - he'd make all these comments that we were like "ummmmmm - yeah, buddy, sure!!" :) You really had to be where he was looking at what he was looking at to know what he was saying. It's fun to see their communication skills improve, along with being able to verbalize the cute little things that are in their heads, and hear how their brain works!

Cottonista said...

And you can just UPS that cute dwummah-in-a-box on down to Alabama!