Monday, April 30, 2007

Snug As A Bug in A Rug

This evening I went to wake Gabe up from his nap, opened his door, and find this sight. Ou est la Gabe?

Oui. Oui. Gabe is asleep beneath his nifty little rug.

I'm talking skin to hardwood floor, here, folks. Looks real cozy. He had his face somewhat snuggled on his blankie, but the rest of him (he was just in his diaper), sort of made sticky little scuffing noises from it's contact with the floor as he rearranged himself. Guess it's good I swept in there this morning.

The last I had seen, he was sneakily driving his little piece of charcoal (?) along the roads on his rug, and had zipped back into bed when he saw me checking on him. :) What a goose.

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