Friday, April 13, 2007


Mmmmmm. Tasty. One of my first jobs this morning was to clean up a nice, fresh steaming pile of dog vomit. I like to start my days out right. Poor Snooch wasn't quite feeling up to snuff, apparently.
Tim is in the middle of a three-day intensive Bioethics class, and he had class from 8-5 today. So I had a day with the wee ones. We took a nice stroll around the block, since the sunshine was out today, and did fun things like "everybody take a nap at the same time". That one's a rarity.
Today while we were eating lunch, Gabe spilled his soup on his shirt and pants, so we "had" to take them off, and then he spilt his V-8 juice on his diaper, so that had to come off too. :) So he was a buck-naked soup eater.
When Gabe got up from his nap today, he asked if I would put Israel in his swing so he could play piano for him. :) They get such a big kick out of each other. Gabe loves having an audience, and Israel thinks anything Gabe is doing is just great.
I keep forgetting to mention that Israel has been sporadically sucking his thumb over the past several weeks.
Today I strapped Israel into his swing, and then turned around briefly to do something, and when I turned back, he had used his highly camouflaged Abs Of Steel to sit all the way up from the reclining back.

Today I sat him on the bed and he stayed mostly sitting before slowly toppling to the side. I'm always so startled when he does something new...
I have been asking God to bring us a highchair. Someone stole ours off of our carport while we were gone over Christmas, where we had taken it out of the van and not taken it inside. Israel is going to be 6 months, and I really need to get started on feeding him food, since he's been clamouring for it for quite a while now, and it is a pain to feed him in his bouncer on the floor or on your lap, because he's so messy.
I had decided that I would just get one next time I went to Walmart, and then today I got an email about a consignment sale and went tonight and found one for $15. Kind of nice to see a prayer answered, huh? It was one of those sales where you wait in a big long line with your heart pounding with adreneline, toes to the starting line, and then everybody rushes in with arms flailing to grab-the-best-first-quick-quick. Blech. But I did pretty well.
There was a cutest ever little high chair there for $40, but I would much rather pay $15....but I still had to eye it a little jealously as it moved forward in the pay line ahead of me. Tim does not understand this sort of jealousy. It was so cute and green and tan and had little wheels and a ruffle. Mine was wipeable plastic and utilitarian and intensely functional. And $15. Gabe was all excited about it, and needed to try it out. He immediately put his animal cookies in the cup holder slot. So anyways, thank you God for looking out for us...


Anonymous said...

I can identify, Israel. I have highly camoflaged buns of steel. Candice

Anonymous said...

Soup tastes best when you are buck naked in a $15 high chair.

heidirhodes said...

hey carrie
i love sales like that. i am one of the heart racing adrenaline pumping bargain snatching "you better get out of my way" shoppers. i was wondering if sylvia and martin had had their baby yet. i thought she was due sometime in march but i didnt have any way to get ahold of her, and was just kinda curious. oh israel is looking so fine in that swing. very proud of himself. have a great weekend. ~heidi