Thursday, April 26, 2007


Daddy and baby.

So, the other day when I went to Goodwill I had very happy hunting. I found Gabe this "electric guitar" that was just his size, and makes all sorts of relevant noises. One of his favorite things is that he can make flamboyant motions of lifting the guitar neck high and then going down fast - just like he sees on Daddy's guitar video. :) He was very excited about his "pessant" (present). I also found him a big plush football that he thought was very special.

And then I found this little dollhouse for me. Tim shook his head and looked at me perplexedly, but looking at this little kitchen with the refrigerator and towels and teakettle and everything makes me want to purr with happiness.

Now, isn't that nice? :)

In other news, two days ago Israel started saying "mom-mom-mom-mom". Not really knowing what he's saying, of course; just working in some new syllables.


Cottonista said...

Ooh, Carrie, I love the cuteness of your doll house! Can I come over and play too? I'll make curtains and a new rug.

Sam said...

This is me giving the dollhouse a perplexed look......Blink.

Carrie said...

Joyce. Thank you for your empathy. Please bring cookies.

Sam. Imagine little models of cool little bridges and whatever else it is that you design. Does this make things any clearer? It's a happy world of "what-if". In this case, what if my roof were pink and my house devoid of furniture and my rugs plastic and curled up at the edges, but hey - I have two stories, and my kitchen is clean. Still makes me happy...I recommend Visine for that blink, by the way. Sounds pesky.