Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lovin' Buddies


Last night after twelve, I snuck into Gabe's room to get a towel out of the closet (we keep our towels on some shelves in there) and was surprised to see his closet door closed - we usually keep it open as a "night-light" for Gabe. When I tugged the door open, I found a sleeping boy asleep on top of his blankie wedged between the door and the shelf apparently quite comfortably! :) He woke up as soon as I opened the door and went to his bed. We had heard him making some movement noises in his room after we put him to bed, but decided to let him go as long as he wasn't yelling. He can open and close his closet door now, and must have decided he would sleep in there, because we were right next to his room and he never banged on the door or yelled. What a goof. He grinned and said "Yeah!" when we asked him about it today. He also grinned and said "Yeah" when Tim asked him if he voted for George W. Bush, so....perhaps our source is not that on top of it.

Today I played drums for worship at church, and during practice Gabe diligently played "drums" on the stage behind me, much to the delight of everyone who saw him. Everyone is always so surprised at the rhythm abilities he already has. He is also currently into guitar, so we'll see which he prefers.


The other night in VA, I was putting Gabe to bed, and he looked out the window and said "Sunshine is sleeping!" I agreed that yes, the sunshine was sleeping. "Sunshine takin' a nap!", he chirped. Yes, I agreed. The sunshine was taking a nap. As he folded down onto his pillow and blankets, he said "Sunshine has b'ankies (blankies) too!" :)


Israel is into a foot grabbing stage. Over the past week when we were in VA, he really started to hold himself up more while being held. He is generally a harder baby to hold, because he is such a chunka-chunka burnin' love!! with not a whole lot of muscular ability as of yet. He is right on the verge of rolling from back to front. I keep trying to tempt him with interesting little blinky light things, but am unsuccessful as of yet. He continues to have a very endearing personality - he's just so smiley and squeezy.


Cottonista said...

Your kids are hilarious! I hope you got a picture of Gabe in the closet. Sadly, moments like that don't wait for the camera. Glad to see you back in blogworld. It was feeling lonely!

Carrie said...

Thanks - I'm glad I was missed! :) Tim has been madly hammering away on the computer these past weeks, and somehow my brain was also feeling ready for a blog-breather. But I'm back now. And no photo of Gabe in the closet. Maybe next time...

heidirhodes said...

hey carrie,
how nice that you got to visit your family for easter. its to bad it was so cold here this week. saturday we woke up to about 3 inches of snow. it was so strange to see the blooming bradford pears and redbuds weighed down with snow. it melted pretty fast tho. i love the new pictures of your kids. i think its so cute when they find their feet. i keep showing alexis hers and trying to get her interested but she could care less. i bet finding gabe in the closet was hilarious. i just love the funny things kids do. wonder what goes on in those little minds. hope you have a good week. ~heidi

Angela said...

When is it children learn the art of sleeping in? I've long since given up on late mornings myself since one girl or the other serves as my alarm clock around 7 AM. But I don't mind mornings as much as some.