Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh, my Trials and Travails...

1. First, let me whine and complain. My husband is on the computer ALL. THE. TIME. Let me say that once more. AT. ALL. TIMES. If it is not school, then it is working on job application stuff, and if it is not job application, then it is blogging, and if it is not blogging, it is looking up guitar boring-ness-es. Huff. Sputter. If you have thought I seem to be blogging less recently, you would be correct. And this would be why. Hmmpph. (It should be noted for the record that he is a very fine husband nonetheless, and is simply being responsibly industrious. Smooch.)

2. The past two days when I was doing my taxes online, our Walmart Connect program continuously kicked me off every 3-5 minutes the entire time. I was about ready to go knock some heads together, somewhere, somebody. Scowl and glower. (Is my good mood contagious yet?)

3. Today Gabe and I were bored, so we decided to go to Krogers. Gabe was thrilled to ride in a nifty little car attached to the shopping cart. A gleeful time was had by all.

4. When I put Israel down for his naps on his stomach, he flips over to his back and lays there, fussing, like an extremely cuddly large beetle, waving his arms and legs in the air. Mommy has to rescue Baby Beetle and give him kisses.

5. Israel is switching to two naps a day. He is astoundingly and bewilderingly chipper at hours he shouldn’t be. On Sunday, he was awake for about 5 hours before I finally confusedly just put his little grinny self to bed.

6. I was slightly worried that Israel wasn’t doing enough “standing”, when I would hold him on my lap, but I discovered that when I put his feet on the floor and hold him steady, he stands for 4-5 seconds, and very sturdily. He must not like to stand on my legs for some reason.

7. Top Gabe sentences we hear el-constanto. “Whatchu doin’, Mommy? Whatchu doin’, Mommy? Whatchu doin’ Mommy?” “Hey guys, stop! The baby’s s’eepin!” (I know I said that one yesterday, but he’s says it constantly.) “I’m haffing a good time! I’m haffing fun!” “He’s sill-wy (silly)!!! Daddy’s sill-wy” “I’m dwummin’!” ““I luff him! (Israel) He’s a good boy. Daddy’s a good boy. Mommy’s a good girl. She’s a good girl. C’oe’s (Chloe) a good girl.” (He nods affirmatively as he says all of that.) “I need dis (this).” Today he asked for some “muse-kat”. We finally figured out it was “music”. :)

8. I was going to add some pictures, but apparently Blogger has joined my list of those-who-need-to-be-stared-at-lengthily-and-with-great-hostility. So, later, mebbe. Off to go gesticulate wildly amid flying spittle….man, I have a hard life.

9. :)

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