Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walmart Fashion Plate

This is for any of you all out there who might be getting a little fuzzy as to what I look like.

Truthfully, I mostly had to show off my new Walmart clothes that I actually like. :) My loving, yet slightly foot-dragging husband rather begrudgingly accompanied me to Walmart last night, where I had a splendid time. I love to have someone to go to Walmart with. And Tim found this nifty-cool little "Chillin' with my Peeps" shirt for me, and I found these nifty-cool comfy pants that I really like, and a cute little dress for only $13...I've had a hard time getting anything done this morning, what with trying on all my three new clothes items. Ahhh. Life is good. :)


Anonymous said...

Aren't new clothes great! I just got some pants almost like yours, same color from Old Navy- had them sent over. Love them!! Of course the khaki pair were sent in a size six. Sigh. Candice

Emily said...

Oh, THAT'S what you look like! Boy, I'm getting old these days, forgetting what my friends look like.... :) You look great and young as ever in your cute clothes!
I love that picture of Gabe with the jam.

Cottonista said...

Whistle, whistle!